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The 18th Etsy Giveaway

The 18th Etsy Giveaway

Todays Etsy Giveaway is for a medium Crimson Wine purse by meplusmolly! ($36)

Isn't it gorgeous? It is so incredibly stylish and fun, as are all the items at meplusmolly's shop! Here's a description on it:
Its OOAK, rich and warm in its hues, a sure conversation piece! perfect to use during the day or evening, for going out, or whenever you fancy having a beautiful accessory with you really. $36

Rules To Enter:

1. Head on over to meplusmolly's shop---> http://meplusmolly.etsy.com/
2. Pick your favorite item (not giveaway item)
3. Leave a comment HERE on what you chose!
4. Leave a way for me to contact you (e-mail, blog, or Etsy)
Open to ALL!
Comments that don't meet these requirements won't be entered

Extra Entries:
1 Extra Entry into this contest and every other one if you link to The Giveaway with the button or widget in the right column (for as long as the button/widget is up)
1 Extra Entry if you blog about this contest
1 Extra Entry if you purchase something from one of my sponsors
2 Extra Entries if you purchase something from this store during the contest
E-mail me at babylyons [at] live.com or comment to let me know you deserve an extra entry!

Please leave a way for me to contact you.

This contest will end on 19th at 11:59 pm PST
A winner will be chosen from a Random Number Generator from mathgoodies.com
The winner will be announced on July 20th
If I cannot get a hold of the winner 3 days, a new winner will be chosen

Let's hear some more about meplusmolly:

1. First things first, tell us a little more about yourself...

Well my name is Kirsty. I'm not married or with any small peeps in tow at this time! but I do have a very lovely man in my life. I live in England in the beautiful county of Oxfordshire, surrounded by beautiful countryside and romantic villages. I'm inspired constantly by our natural surroundings especially the colours, lines, shapes and textures that are to be seen in the flora and fauna.I have held an interest in art, design and craft for as long as I can remember. I studied it throughout school and continued to do so by attending several art colleges where I gained a HND Design Crafts specialism Embroidery; BA Hons Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design.After far too many years (or so it felt!) working in retail and its management, I am putting my textiles and therefore my happiness(!) at the front of my priorities and putting in the much needed work - slowly but surely - to build it up and make it work as a small business.

2. What is your regular job?

I am putting in the necessary time to get my textiles work out there, to get it seen and for it to start working for me and I also work part/time at my local arts centre as box office/reception.

3. Do you Haiku?

I don't haiku and had to look this up on the internet for info! I'm still not totally sure how it works properly as Japanese is an 'unstressed' language for it to be written in and English is a 'stressed' language so the translation and exact sentiment perhaps don't work quite as well as they should?? I don't know!?

fresh cool blue tranquil
crystal sharp delicate fine
crisp blue icy clear

4. Picture of your workspace (as is, no cheating!)

5. What inspires you?

I'm inspired constantly by - colour; texture; marks; lines; flowers in the hedgerow; grasses in the sand dunes; foliage; seaspray & sea; shiny sequins & beads; fragments; tea parties in the garden; mixed media; ephemera.

6. What item in your shop is your favorite and why?

Hmmm my favourite item? at the moment I'm liking my 'icy blue medium purse'. I am very much a blue person, I love the hues and intensities it can come in. This piece reminds me of fields in winter when the frost has been and left everything with a dusting of ice which makes things stand out sharp and crystal clear.

Thank you Kirsty for your generous giveaway! Your purses rock!

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32 Thoughts:

maudlin~*~maudlin said...

I really love the giveaway purse--it is so pretty and unique! My second favourite is the 'Raggedy Dots Medium Purse 1' it features a colour combo I love--green and pink! I'm going to add this shop to my hearts :)


Sue Farrell said...

I really like the Belinda Skinny Leg Bird--would be fun to have hanging in my closet.


HYDEIST said...

I ,too ,love the giveaway purse.
Even if it wasn't the prize, I would have chosen it because it's gorgeous.
I'm also madly in love with the Fuschia Hot Pink Clutch.
Thank you for the contest.

Hetal said...

My choice is skinny leg bird.


pierce said...

I like the subtle beauty clutch OOAK. I am a big clutch fan. Thanks.


Renee G said...

I like the ice blue medium purse.

Shel said...

Love the Hot Fuchsia Pink Clutch Bag...I think it's gorgous

cdrury said...

Would love to win this - thanks!!!
Fuschia Hot Pink Clutch.

Betty C said...

I really like the subtle beauty clutch. It would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe - thinking ahead.


Brenda said...

My favorite is Raggedy Dots Medium Purse 3. I love the colors and print of the fabric.

brenda at expressions-studio dot com

Samantha P said...

the Flaming Hot Day/Evening Purse OOAK is sooo pretty! these are some fun designs!

autumnbride7 said...

Emerald City Clutch Bag OOAK is my favoite... i love the hues of green- it is just gorgeous!!

Molly C. said...

Wow! Gorgeous items! I would love to own one these purses/clutches for my collection. I realy like the Dotty Blue Clutch Bag OOAK

Sylvia P said...

the Flaming Hot Day/Evening Purse is so cute! i have shoes that would match it perfectly!

masonsgranny59 said...

Dotty Blue Clutch Bag

One of us Dragonfryes said...

How very cute your purses are!I think my favorites are the Buttercup petite purse and the Sunshine Yellow medium purse.


purango said...

My favorite is the Hot Fuchsia Pink Clutch Bag OOAK garrettsambo@aol.com

reb said...

Love the dotty blue one.

lilyk said...

I love the Pearl Skinny Leg Bird!

Anonymous said...

the vintage ladies clutch in ooak is my fave!!!!

Tracy said...

I like the Subtle Beauty Clutch bag.

Anonymous said...

my fav bag is the Cornflower Electric Corsage Brooch OOAK... they are original + goregeous!

joannaonthelake said...

Hi there! I am so glad to be part of the 18th Etsy Giveaway! And, I truly enjoyed learning about Me Plus Molly's Etsy shop. I saw so many wonderful hand crafted items there! Besides my absolutely loving the clutch in this giveaway, I also was very drawn to the Ice Blue Medium Purse OOAK Bag. I think the coloring of it and the designs on it reminded me of the ocean and water which is my favorite place to be! Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway today!

Gianna said...

I like the Blue Belle Clutch Bag OOAK :)

amyt said...

I like the Sunset Fires Clutch. The colors are exquisite!


Susanne said...

Dusty Rose Petite Purse is my favorite!

donna444444 said...

I like the Lavender Lovely Clutch Bag. It is really cute.

3 Crazy Boys said...

OOohh, love this stuff...how unique. I dig the Sunset Fires Clutch Bag OOAC...but I also really love the Anemone Flower Corsage Brooch OOAC

girlof80s said...

My favorite item is the Raggedy Dots Medium Purse 3. I also really like the Buttercup Petite Purse OOAK. Both are so pretty and totally my style. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

Sweetpeas said...

Soo pretty! I love the ice blue med purse!

noreen said...

Vivienne Skinny Leg Bird, one bottom right one

Swtlilchick said...

I like the:
Dotty Blue Clutch Bag OOAK
Nice purses!Thanks for the giveaway


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