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The 2nd Mommy Review

The 2nd Mommy Review
Today's Mommy Review is for an amazing product invented by a Mom (Katie Danziger) with a brilliant idea. It's called the nomie babyTM car seat cover and it is a life saver!
Here's some info on it:

The nomie babyTM car seat cover is an easily removable, waterproof, washable cover for your infant or toddler/convertible car seat. It has elastic edges allowing it to fit most standard car seats, such as the Britax Roundabout and the Graco brands. No need to cry over spilled milk, or worse!

I was so excited to recieve my nomie baby car seat cover! The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the packaging was how silky soft it was. Then I took it all in, the quality is amazing! Katie chose the best materials to make it with, and it definantly shows. As soon as my husband came home with the car, I went outside to put it on, and let me tell you, that was the easiest minute of my life! I didn't even take the car seat out, just slipped the cover over it, put the seatbelts through the velcro openings, and voila! It was magic. And it looks so cute too!

As soon as I put Calvin in it, his little fingers were touching the fabric, feeling the silkiness of it. (He loves to feel different textures). As you can see, he approved. It has been really hot here lately, and with the heat I've been needing to give Calvin bottles of water because he hasn't been wanting to eat and he needs to stay hydrated. I always worry when I give him his bottle of water in his car seat that water will get down into the car seat and mold. (We get lots of mold where I live) Well, I'm happy to say I was able to have no worries at all! He was back there splashing his bottle around everywhere and I was up front without a care in the world. It was heaven. Plus, after we came out of church and the weather was 100 degrees or so, the car seat cover wasn't hot! I didn't have to worry about Calvin being burnt or uncomfortable at all. :)

To know that I can and will be able to give Calvin water, or juice, or snacks, 0r anything he needs, and not worry about the mess is amazing. The nomie baby car seat cover is definitely something every Mom needs!


Note: This was originally a giveaway/review, but now that the giveaway is over I have taken off the giveaway rules and turned it into just a review.

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