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The 3rd Mommy Review

The 3rd Mommy Review
Today's Mommy Review is on a Diaper Changing Pad & Personalized Burpie from Butt-Ums Up Baby.

Stacy Sager is the woman behind butt-ums up baby. She started it because in the midst of "traveling with two children while accompaning her husband Craig Sager during his various assignments across the globe as a broadcaster for Turner Sports (TBS/TNT)", she found it very difficult to find a sanitary area to change her children's "butt-ums". Thus the idea for her wonderful changing pad was born. Which led to many more great products as well.

I am lucky enough to have gotten a butt-ums up baby burp cloth and changing pad, and I must say, they are both wonderful. And very high quality.

I got my burpie embroidered with the words "Mister Mister" (Calvin's nickname). It is so stylish and cute, I absolutely love it. It is so adorable, I have it hanging over the railing on Calvin's crib, so everyone knows where Mister Mister sleeps, and for quick access! The quality on it is just amazing, it is so nice and thick (made from 6 layers of 100% cotton cloth diapers!). You really can't beat it!

And the changing pad is so great, I carry it with me everywhere. I love how it matches my burpie! They are just so cute! And it's super long, so Calvin won't be touching icky unsanitary surfaces. It's very easy to open, and has a nice little pouch to put your wipes and diapers in! I love it because it's all I need when I'm going out for a quick little errand. I absolutely hate lugging around a huge, heavy diaper bag. Along with a baby, and trying to push a cart, it can just be a hassle that I don't want to deal with. But with this, I just grab it and Calvin and I'm ready to go. Plus, it's so light that I can just put it on the handle of my umbrella stroller without it weighing the stroller down. And again, the quality is just superb. These are something every mom needs!


Note: This was originally a giveaway but now that the giveaway is over has been converted into just the review.

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