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Interested in doing a Giveaway and/or Review with 'The Giveaway'? Get more info in my "Advertising" section. Contact me at:
katielyons (at) the-giveaway.com

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Here's what my previous giveaway sponsors are saying:

"We loved sponsoring a giveaway at The Giveaway. They sent a lot of traffic to our site. They also had interesting questions for us and were easy to work with. It was well worth it."

~Cindi Schmitzer LTDchix.com

"Sodastream had a great experience with Katie and the-giveaway.com. I love that Katie asks her readers to engage with the products and the websites she promotes when she collects the contest entries. We got some great ideas for new products, and enjoyed reading the consumer feedback in the comments. In addition, Katie created her own product photography (stunning!) for the review and gave a thoughtful, balanced and genuine opinion of the soda maker and the flavors she tried. We participate in several giveaways a year on various blogs, and I have to say that Katie’s is definitely a success!"

"What fun to do the give-away with you! I loved reading all of the wonderful comments on my products. I would like to offer a special coupon to your readers-- 30% off, AmazingDeal, expires 11/30/08, good one per customer. Thanks and maybe we can do another give-away in a few months."
~Dale Lips~
Amazing Tees

"We love The Giveaway! Katie's group of readers are curious, cool and on the pulse and love kid's clothes--a great audience for Coco Bonbons. We'd love to do more. The Giveaway is a great growth tool for our brand."
~Coco Kyriopoulos ~

"Sponsoring a giveaway with Katie was a great experience from start to finish. She is friendly, organized and a pleasure to work with. We received a tremendous amount of feedback from the readers, and some great compliments about our new product collections. We wouldn't hesitate to work with Katie again!"
Media Relations

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway on your site, Katie. I was pleasantly surpised by the number of contestants that entered & I really enjoyed getting to read the feedback from all of your readers. It provided me with EXTREMELY valuable information. I would recommend this type of promotion to any online shop owner!"
~Stacey Conway~

"I am totally pleased with our participation on "The Giveaway" Katie was a delight to work with, and she does a great job with "The Giveaway'!
If you are a new business I highly recommend participating on The Giveaway to promote your business. Our website traffic increased tremendously!!
I enjoyed all the feedback and comments left by the contestant participants. I will surely work again with Katie on another giveaway."
~Janet Poley~

"Katie was awesome to work with. Partnering up with The Giveaway generated many hits to my website. It was also really exciting to read all the comments from the potential winners as to which products they were most drawn to. This helped me gauge which products in my store were the most popular. Thanks again!"
~Marina Duque~

"Our experience with The Giveaway was so positive! Not only did the promotion increase traffic to our website, it was also very exciting to see comments written about our products and our site. Best of all, Katie was a pleasure to work with and made the process effortless! Thank you!"
~Shelly Allen~

"Working with Katie has been a true pleasure, I loved how she took the time to create a video of her son with the Fagus truck."
~Bridgitte Alomes~
Natural Pod http://www.naturalpod.com/shop/

"I love your site and was honored to partner with you on your giveaway section! Thanks for the opportunity! We loved hearing what you your bloggers had to say about Rileyroos! I look forward to working with you again soon!"
~Kim Gross~
Owner - Rileyroos http://rileyroos.com/

"The-giveaway.com was a great way for Bratt Decor to increase our blog presence as well as to show our product to potential customers. It was beneficial to see which items people chose as their favorites and is definitely a helpful bit of consumer research. This was a simple and fun way to get your name out there and to make someone's day in the process!"
~Lindsay Clark~

"I had so much fun being part of the giveaway! As a new shop owner, it was a great opportunity for me to find out which products potential customers were loving. It was so much fun to read all the kind comments left by all the contest participants. On top of everything, it was a fantastic way to spread the word about my new business. I am truly thankful for the opportunity."
~Christine Martinez~

"The Giveaway was extremely effective in providing insight to my customers. Not only did the Giveaway generate incredible traffic flow to my website, but it also provided irreplaceable customer feedback. Katie's product reviews were informative and beautifully written. She is a joy to work with! The entire experience has been exceedingly positive."
~Krista Thorne~
Baby Green Pea LLC

"This was a great experience for me and I enjoyed all your bloggers comments! The things they said about my store made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
I look forward to doing another give-away in the near future! Great Job on your Site Katie! Loved it!"

~Judy Procaccini~
Baby Willows

"The Giveaway" just held a contest for one of our fantastic rompers, and I must say I had a great increase in traffic to my site. There was so much reader participation posted for the "winning" question, I was amazed and it was great feedback that I needed. You can't beat this site , I will be looking forward to doing many more wonderful giveaways in the future with Katie, she is a doll!"

"We loved the fact that Katie's giveaway drew people to our site to comment on our products. It was great to see so much positive feedback on our Rockin' Baby Slings and Rockin' Baby Pouches. It's a really clever way of getting the word out!"
~Lisa McDaniel & Natasha Walsh~

"I have done a lot of reviews on other website and blogs trying to get the name of my product out to my target market. Typically I get 25-30 website hits from the contest or review over a week’s period of time. When I checked my website stats a few days after Katie’s blog featured my product, I noticed a HUGE spike in my traffic – over 130 hits in just the week that she featured my organic tote bags. I also got great market research and feedback as she required entrants to visit my site and list which of my designs and characters they would like to have printed on their tote. Katie’s blog is easily laid out and easy to navigate which means more subscribers and contest entrants. I highly recommend doing a giveaway on Katie’s blog - - you get a traffic spike and customer feedback for only the small cost of a giveaway item; the most effective advertising dollar for dollar that I’ve found, PLUS your products are going right into the hands of your target market. There is really nothing to lose and lots of benefits!"
~Lisa Smith~

"Katie kept me informed as to when the giveaway was up and any details that were needed. I appreciated that contestants had to go to my site to enter. And, I really enjoyed being able to see all the comments that people left about my product line."
~Jill Chuckas~

"Participating in a giveaway from 'The Giveaway' was so much fun! It drove tons of traffic and interest to my boutique and the feedback I recieved was phenomenal. It was very exciting to read the comments and see what products caught the readers eyes. I would be more than happy to do another giveaway for Katie Lyons in the future."
Posh-a-Bye Baby Boutique

"The Giveaway is a wonderful blog, and participating in the giveaway was a terrific way to get my new product in front of mommies across the US. The comments that I received from parents who visited the www.nomiebaby.com site were terrific and the feedback was great. The Giveaway reaches the perfect target audience. I look forward to hearing more from the bloggers! "

"Our giveaway with Katie Lyons drove literally hundreds of people to our site, and more than a few sales. We can't wait to do the next one!"
~Danny & Aurelia~
The Frog and the Princess

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Hi Katie-
I love your site and was honored to partner with you on your giveaway section! Thanks for the opportunity! We loved hearing what you your bloggers had to say about Rileyroos! I look forward to working with you again soon!
Kim Gross, Owner - Rileyroos

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