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winners list

Check out the Winner's Gallery!
Winners, if I cannot get a hold of you, e-mail me at babylyons [at] live.com please
  • Shabby Apple Giveaway---karen
  • Wanchai Ferry Giveaway---1955nurse
  • Crazy Forts Giveaway---kylasm
  • Mag-Tagz Giveaway---jbk
  • SkitterCar Giveaway---Lori A.
  • Soy Delites Giveaway---Sherry C.
  • Just Ice Jewelry Giveaway---Catrina
  • Do-in-Slide Giveaway---JamericanSpice
  • True Learning CD Giveaway---Kristy
  • PBS Kids Giveaway---Sadie C.
  • EcoGlo Minerals Giveaway---jeanilyn
  • NeoCube Giveaway---Lili11, Emma L. H., Brendan O., MLe, Angela, herblady, clc408, Veronica G., Katelyn, and allegro
  • MelonTree Giveaway---Lily K. and Tara
  • Crazy Baby Clothing Giveaway---Judy J.
  • Zojirushi Giveaway---Jill M
  • Keurig Giveaway---JRG
  • YoBaby Giveaway---Storey
  • Purex Giveaway---seth h.
  • Alima Pure Giveaway---Ericka
  • Healthy Kitchenware Giveaway---Kristi P.
  • Kid Guides DVD Giveaway---Mia J.
  • Lever 2000 'Flip Cam' Giveaway---v4ever
  • Little Luv Letters---Peggy G
  • TRIA Giveaway---Pamela S.
  • PlasmaCar Giveaway---Marianna B.
  • Lelimelo Giveaway---Ashley
  • Eureka! Giveaway---KayRN
  • Maidenform Giveaway---Karrine M.
  • Leakey Collection Giveaway---Kayla
  • Tie Buddies Giveaway---Alex & Molly K
  • JCPenney Giveaway---Felice
  • Just Be Giveaway---Nancye D.
  • Little Chickie Wear Giveaway---Sarah Z.
  • Grooming Lounge Giveaway---cherice
  • Bday Bash LIVE Door Prize---Dana
  • Bday Bash LIVE Giveaway---Alice
  • Bday Bash Thursday Door Prize---Vicky H.
  • Bday Bash Thursday Giveaway---tina r.
  • Bday Bash Wednesday Door Prize---Maureen
  • Bday Bash Wednesday Giveaway---Kathy
  • Bday Bash Tuesday Door Prize---Melissa MC
  • Bday Bash Tuesday Giveaway---Michelle C.
  • Bday Bash Monday Door Prize---JaimeSews
  • Bday Bash Monday Giveaway---Naddez
  • Bday Bash Photo Contest Door Prize---HodgePodgeSPV
  • Bday Bash Photo Contest Giveaway---Carol D.
  • Bday Bash Scavenger Hunt Door Prize---Melissa N.
  • Bday Bash Scavenger Hunt Giveaway---Pam
  • Bday Bash Carnival Door Prize---Alayna
  • Bday Bash Carnival Giveaway---Alice
  • Bday Bash Early Bird Giveaway---Dana
  • Kiss My Face Giveaway---attjoeng
  • Obrien & Shridde Giveaway---Lori Z.
  • La Plates Giveaway---Erica
  • Rubbermaid Giveaway---Lauren
  • Lu Kels Boutique Giveaway---chastidy v.
  • Vincent Shoes Giveaway---Anita A. and Laurie
  • 'You Can Make This' Giveaway---Shirley, Gianna, Bonnie C.
  • Andrea's Beau Giveaway---Kristin
  • Shelf Reliance Giveaway---Dana
  • Pedoodles Giveaway---Elissa
  • The Monogram Divas Giveaway---Emma L. H.
  • LegHuggers Giveaway---Serena
  • Id On Me Giveaway---leah
  • Kolobags Giveaway---blackkitt
  • PeaceLoveMom Giveaway---Jennifer W.
  • Baby Banz Giveaway---Trenton Patrick
  • Thorlo Giveaway---Doreen, Raelena, ikkinlala, Beatrice
  • Searcey Designs Giveaway---Anam, LeaneG, Carapace, littlepurpleroom
  • Squeeze Hugs Giveaway---Ali
  • A03 Designs Giveaway---Heather C.
  • Fancy Fortune Cookie Giveaway---Jamericanspice
  • Name Your Tune Giveaway---mrspaceman, intensev5, Maureen, Maria D., mrsmoto4, Shelly, Alice, Dawn S, Melissa, and Mys
  • Bubble Planner Giveaway---Heather T.
  • Real Deal Brazil---Aisling
  • Bamboosa Giveaway---Anne D.
  • A Classic Tale Giveaway---amy p
  • I See My Face Giveaway---dawn
  • Amy Michelle Giveaway---Xolecito
  • Emerson Creek Pottery Giveaway---Kathleen L
  • Paint Your Boots Giveaway---1st Prize: Jill L--2nd Prize: Sarah--3rd Prize: Judee
  • Skin Free Giveaway---Mya Brooks, Sheila Hickmon, judy brittle, one6ylady, Stephanie Vollowitz, Madison, & Danielle
  • Lenovo Giveaway---Heather
  • Bobux Giveaway---sarah buki
  • The Grandparent Gift Co. Giveaway---Jamie
  • Zurina Ketola Designs Giveaway---Telisha Hayes
  • Hot Mama Jewelry Giveaway---carol s
  • Febreze Giveaway---Kelly F
  • My Baby Modern Giveaway---Joanna
  • Purely Products Giveaway---Salleefur
  • Wagamama Baby Giveaway---cherice
  • Tracie Nicole Designs Giveaway---meredith rogen
  • PakNak Giveaway---Ni-Ni, Hanna, Ginger, Paula H, dreamer, Nadia, Monica Romo
  • Ellembee Giveaway---Teri Carr
  • Modbe Swimsuit Giveaway---Linz, & Mandy
  • NewBornMom Giveaway---Christie
  • Crazy Dog Tees Giveaway---Amy B, Elissa, melissa mc, Steven Rupp, Kyndra Sherman, WijoyMom, Jennifer Blanton, Stephanie, susan
  • EyeBuyDirect Giveaway---tina lagrotteria
  • Momzelle Giveaway---Samantha R
  • Laura J. Designs Giveaway---Kimberly B.
  • Star Kids Products Giveaway---Maggie
  • Imaginabox Giveaway---Sarah Denton
  • Nava's Designs Giveaway---Thao
  • Boogie Wipes Giveaway---Ki Ki
  • A Classic Tale Giveaway---Gillian Bliss
  • Mystic Wonder Giveaway---Tammie, Jill W., and Cee
  • 3 Sweet Peas Jewelry Giveaway---Stacy
  • Combi Coccoro Car Seat Giveaway---Sasha
  • Stylagio Giveaway---Dina & Mallory
  • Michabella Creations Giveaway---Marianne
  • Vinca Giveaway---beth
  • Rachel Park Designs Giveaway---Kimberly B & Blue74girl
  • Way Cool Designs Giveaway---Amanda Stauffer
  • Beadaful Designs Giveaway---1st: Marie Nadin, 2nd: shannon Baas, 3rd: Tina Barker
  • Top It Off Accessories Giveaway---Wehaf, marvin haas Jr., Katherine, Abby, LucyCat
  • 144 Collection Giveaway---Annette Taylor
  • LTDchix Giveaway---Dawn Garlick
  • Invisibelt Giveaway---Jingle
  • Bisou Boutique Giveaway---Paula
  • Emerson Creek Pottery Giveaway---Patrice
  • Aleyna Jewelry Giveaway---jeansinabox and Marcy Strahan
  • A Little Elegant's Giveaway---CBeilman
  • Inglesina Club High Chair Giveaway---Angie
  • Baby Modern's Wee Squeak Shoe Giveaway---Jaclyn
  • Baby Star 'Rock the Tote' Giveaway---Terra Heck
  • Wire Your World Etsy Giveaway---Sheree Warner
  • Emerson Creek Pottery Giveaway---Pamela White
  • One Month Adspot Giveaway---Heather
  • Paisley Bleu Etsy Giveaway---Jaye
  • Able Mable Etsy Giveaway---gryffn
  • Baby Modern Giveaway---Maggie
  • Haricot d'Amoureux Etsy Giveaway---Sharon
  • Beautiful Bridget Etsy Giveaway---Kim H.
  • Sarah Sky Etsy Giveaway---Jackie Burchett
  • Street Noodles Etsy Giveaway---Donna Kozar
  • DC Stuff Etsy Giveaway---Christine W
  • Buster and Boo Etsy Giveaway---Carolyn Correira
  • Gypsy Jewels Giveaway---Megan
  • Beadiful Baubles Etsy Giveaway---Diane
  • KLT Works Giveaway---Katie
  • Ceejaybags Etsy Giveaway---arielle
  • B.B. Bellezza Etsy Giveaway---Brenda Park
  • Kiwi Jewels Giveaway---joan
  • Fill In The Blankee Giveaway---Jennifer Walker
  • Xoelle Christmas Stocking Giveaway---Jessica Busse
  • 144 Collection Giveaway---Darcy Collart
  • Heathen's Hearth Etsy Giveaway---Kimberly L
  • Helenes Dreams Etsy Giveaway---Loopy
  • Chrysalis Etsy Giveaway---Beverly Metcalf
  • Lisa Leonards Designs Giveaway---Marlene
  • Buds and Buddies Giveaway---Jen
  • Inkubook Giveaway---Robin Kossman, Christina, Gina Morris, leslie, Sheila C
  • Creative Toyshop Giveaway---luna
  • FineLine Antiques Giveaway---Nancy
  • Kolobags Giveaway---Millicent C
  • Tootie's Baby Gift Set Giveaway---sarah
  • Bebe au Lait Giveaway---Tobster
  • Krug's Eco-Logic Etsy Giveaway---gracey
  • Moore Magnets Etsy Giveaway---Jenna
  • Searcey Designs Giveaway---runlikeagirl
  • Heart Sized Crysh Etsy Giveaway---denice p
  • Bisou Boutique Giveaway---Katie S.
  • All About Cute Giveaway---1st Place: Linda Price & 2nd Place: kathy & 3rd Place: tanya wilson
  • Hats Off The Hook Etsy Giveaway---1st Place: H & 2nd Place: Judy P
  • Lychee Line Giveaway---1st Place: Erica G. & 2nd Place: Meredith F.
  • May Beads Etsy Giveaway---Theo
  • Back to Basic Toys Giveaway---Heather
  • Sewnsational Giveaway---Aliya Daya
  • Olive Kids Giveaway---Zara
  • Ojai Style Giveaway---Rosanne Morrison
  • Soda Club Giveaway---Michele Pineda
  • Amazing Tees Giveaway---michelle boor
  • Sweet Irie Etsy Giveaway---nateandjakesmom
  • The Soap Box Company Giveaway---Courtney S
  • Blue Sky Rocket Giveaway---sfsassy
  • Mural Devotee Giveaway---1st Place: Marie 2nd Place: Zoe Lee
  • Shaklee Giveaway---EG
  • Joovy Kooper Giveaway---kellie
  • Bright & Bold Giveaway---beth shepard
  • Zaja Natural Giveaway---Christie
  • KippyGo Contempo Giveaway---Kelly
  • Carla Sonheim Art Giveaway---Aura
  • Anonymous Venice Giveaway---Gianna
  • My Baby Pajamas Giveaway---Elaina
  • Ellen Morrow Arts Giveaway---weirdbuglady
  • Mimsi Handbag Givewaway---Jennifer
  • Multi Chic Giveaway---Rita M
  • Coco Bonbons GIveaway---Boys: Jeanne; Girls: Elaina
  • Snapdragon Design House Giveaway---Dee
  • 1st Comes Love Giveaway---Kara Helen
  • Trendy Tot Giveaway---Laura G
  • Zosephine Diaper/Messenger Bag Giveaway---melanie
  • BabyLegs Giveaway---Shara
  • The 37th Etsy Giveaway---Christina
  • Good & Old Things Giveaway---Bhavana
  • The 36th Etsy Giveaway---Suzanne B
  • See Kai Run Giveaway---sharyn
  • The 35th Etsy Giveaway---Genevieve Larson
  • Natural Pod Giveaway---jennem
  • Black Mountain Furniture Giveaway---1st Place: Stacy S--2nd Place: Jessica--3rd Place: Lona--4th Place: Deci
  • Baby Boomba Nursing Cover Giveaway---angelaandconnor
  • Wild Dill Giveaway---Jodi
  • The 34th Etsy Giveaway---Deborah A
  • CoolComputerBags Giveaway---Erin
  • Blush Topless Undershirt Giveaway---Diane A
  • A Surprise Giveaway---Reeva
  • The 33rd Etsy Giveaway---Laura C
  • The 39th Mommy Giveaway---Kris J
  • The 32nd Etsy Giveaway---Christina Z
  • The 38th Mommy Giveaway---Storey Blackwell
  • The 37th Mommy Giveaway---Kathy Luman
  • The 31st Etsy Giveaway---Nicolette
  • The 36th Mommy Giveaway---Felicia Lockamy
  • The 30th Etsy Giveaway---Jessica C
  • The 29th Etsy Giveaway---Hil'Lesha
  • The 35th Mommy Giveaway---hodgiemom7
  • The 34th Mommy Giveaway---CraftyCarole
  • The 28th Etsy Giveaway---Sandra
  • The 33rd Mommy Giveaway---stacie marie
  • The 32nd Mommy Giveaway---Lori
  • The 31st Mommy Giveaway---Holly
  • The 27th Etsy Giveaway---Cynthya
  • The 30th Mommy Giveaway---forgetfulone
  • The 29th Mommy Giveaway---1st Place: Sarah Zappe 2nd Place: Jenny Fowler
  • The 26th Etsy Giveaway---Rachel Fox
  • The 28th Mommy Giveaway---Steph
  • The 27th Mommy Giveaway---HobartsMama
  • The 25th Etsy Giveaway---Rebecca
  • The 24th Etsy Giveaway---BrineS
  • The 26th Mommy Giveaway---Tracye
  • The 25th Mommy Giveaway---Chelsi
  • The 1st Daddy Giveaway---hope
  • The 23rd Mommy Giveaway---hickcrazy1
  • The 22nd Mommy Giveaway---Mrs. V
  • The 24th Mommy Giveaway---nosmallthing
  • The 21st Mommy Giveaway---Briana's Bargains
  • The 20th Mommy Giveaway---Jenna
  • The 15th Mommy Giveaway---shaunjoy, Ebie, paula h, Mama Koala, beth
  • The 23rd Etsy Giveaway---padean83
  • The 19th Mommy Giveaway---carmen
  • The 18th Mommy Giveaway---semtaylor
  • The 17th Mommy Giveaway---Lorissa J Longfellow
  • The 16th Mommy Giveaway---Uniquely Yours
  • The 22nd Etsy Giveaway---Sylvia P
  • The 21st Etsy Giveaway 2nd Place---ckbruce
  • The 21st Etsy Giveaway 1st Place---Charlotte
  • The 14th Mommy Giveaway---Allie
  • The 13th Mommy Giveaway---CrazyDaizy
  • The 12th Mommy Giveaway---Anna
  • The 11th Mommy Giveaway--Bunny B
  • The 20th Etsy Giveaway---Jaime
  • The 10th Mommy Giveaway--seeryusfam
  • The 19th Etsy Giveaway---Kristinia
  • The 9th Mommy Giveaway---Diana
  • The 18th Etsy Giveaway---Kari
  • The 8th Mommy Giveaway--- autumnbride7
  • The 7th Mommy Giveaway---Joye
  • The 17th Etsy Giveaway---Shannon
  • The 6th Mommy Giveaway---Eileen
  • The 16th Etsy Giveaway----KLM39
  • The 5th Mommy Giveaway---Brooke
  • The 4th Mommy Giveaway---Sandra
  • The 3rd Mommy Giveaway---kara
  • An Artist's Giveaway---Tabby
  • The 2nd Mommy Giveaway---Molly C.
  • A Painted Giveaway---Andrea
  • A Beaded Giveaway---fidofido
  • A Mommy Giveaway---Carole
  • A Jeweled Giveaway---jennem
  • A Zany Giveaway---blueviolet
  • A Crocheted Giveaway---Nodin's Nest
  • A Heart of Gold Giveaway---cstironkat
  • A Crafty Giveaway---Eloise C.
  • A Handspun Giveaway---Sunshine Mama
  • A Giveaway Just For Me---robynl
  • My Mini Giveaway---CanCan
  • A Simply Sweet Giveaway---bison61
  • A Cozy Little Giveaway---Pancak

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11 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Whimsical Creations said...

Thank you! =) melanie

Yasmine said...

congrats to the winner of the joovy kooper im secretly jelous! lol

Loopy said...

I'm so excited to have won! Thank you so much for hosting these great giveaways!

doozercries said...

Gosh, I forgot to post one here. I won the Swallows Necklace from Heart Sized Crush. It's really pretty and you can tell that it's handmade. This is a good thing because I feel it takes them a while to complete the coloring and and design of the birds. for those who are looking for unusual pretty gifts I'd ask you to to try Heart Sized Crush!

Beth said...

Thank you so very much for picking me in the Vinca giveaway! You are awesome!

Katie Lyons said...

Thanks Beth! :) It's always nice being told you're awesome ;) Hope you love the wallet!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Katie for picking me in the Bead-a-ful designs giveaway. I love the bracelet!
You have a great site...keep up the good work.

katie rawks!!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, just got the tank top today!! (Squeeze Hugs Giveaway) It was soooooo sweet all wrapped in tissue with a big sticker, a coloring page for Logan and a post card for me. I love it and really appreciate this, THANK-YOU so much!!!!! What a lovely prize I am forever grateful!!!

Lori said...

I'm so excited about my frame! This is actually the second prize I've won on your site (the Rileyroos, 32nd giveaway, too, which I said I would send a picture of my son with them but we moved the following week and were without internet for a month and I forgot in that time until just now when I saw my name). I just wanted to thank you for such generous giveaways. I'm so excited about the frame and the shoes were amazing (until my son worked one off and ditched it somewhere in Michaels...) Thank you for your reviews, for sharing and your insights. I'm so grateful!

ericka said...

Yippee, I am a winner! So excited! Thanks so much!

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