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The 21st Mommy Review

The 21st Mommy Review

Today's Mommy Review is for Dapple Dish Liquid and a box of Dapple Dishwasher Detergent from Dapple Baby!

When Dana Rubinstein and Tamar Rosenthal became moms, they, like other moms, were happy to discover a market full of products that were safe and mild for their babies. Except they couldn't find any dish detergent that was made to specifically clean baby products. They wanted something that wouldn't have lingerings suds, wouldn't leave synthetic fragrances behind, and would clean milk and baby food residue and odor. So, after extensive research and testing with experienced pediatricians as well as seasoned chemists, "Dapple Baby was born".

I got to test out both the dish liquid and detergent and was very happy with the results. With the dish liquid, the first thing I noticed was it's yummy "woodsy" smell. Why do I say "woodsy"? Because I couldn't place my finger on what the smell was and that is what it smelled like to me. I soon remembered that I had read that it has pure lavender essential oil in it and felt very stupid considering lavender is one of my favorite scents. No wonder I liked it so much! And, I wanted to point out, that even though it smells so yummy while you are washing the dishes, it doesn't stay on the dishes. I even washed one of Calvin's spoons, dried it, and stuck it right into my mouth to see if it had a yucky taste. I'm glad to say it didn't, there was no lingering soap or scent.

Also, it didn't lather very much, but was still able to clean very well. I always am worrying about that lather that never seems to rinse off of your dishes, not only because I don't want to ingest it, but more importantly, I don't want Calvin to. This really gave me peace of mind. The only thing is, that though it cleaned my dishes very well, it didn't clean my heavy duty dishes very well (ie my lasagna pan). Those took quite a bit more scrubbing than usual. But considering that it was made mainly for cleaning milk residue, this didn't bug me at all because it was able to clean everything else so well.

And the dishwasher detergent I was able to try and was so happy, it cleaned just like any other detergent. I had a dishwasher full of dishes and it cleaned them all to sparkly-shiny prettiness. Plus, there were no water spots on my glasses either. Overall I am extremely happy with my Dapple dish soaps and I am very excited to have something that I can feel safe cleaning Calvin's dishes and toys with, as well as my dishes. Plus, I'd like to point out that Dapple is biodegradable and not tested on animals. Dana and Tamar did an amazing job!


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14 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I love that they are phosphate free and biodegradeable. I would love to see bathroom cleaners from Dapple, for example for the tub.

urchiken at gmail dot com


sfyates said...

I think this is great dishsoap,I have to wash some thing that requires very mild soaps. I can't wait until you come out with the travel sizes.


The Mama Hood said...

I have your button in my sidebar!!

candace said...

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Tried it out and i need to get my hands on it now ;)

Kari said...

I love that they are designed for households with small kids!

louiseb130 said...

I love the biodegradeable factor

Tammy said...

I like the fact that they are pediatrician approved -- I would like it if they would come out with a laundry detergent or stain remover.

Angela said...

What I find most intriging about these products, besides the products themselves is the inginuity of these lovely mothers who are able to support their families with this wonderful idea. Please keep up the great work and thank you for making this contest available to us.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed they do not use it on animals to test it, I like that it's safe for children, and thus safe for our pets too. I like that doctors weighed in on it, and I love that they give back via charity. This is one of the good guy companies and you feel good reccomending it based on thier claims.


Kathryn said...

With "Green Living" becoming more popular Dapple is sure to be a winner for other mothers. These two woman have really put some thought into the products they have created and are invisioning for the future. I was impressed that they are finalists for the Seeds of Sucess program and I am rooting for them! Good Luck Dana & Tamar!!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

dhunt said...

I am impressed they do not use it on animals to test it, I like that it's safe for children, and thus safe for our pets too. I like that doctors weighed in on it, and I love that they give back via charity.

Karen said...

I love that they don't test on animals !!!

arvard said...

Their products are all natural and environmentally friendly.

donna444444 said...

I put your button on my blog

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