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The 25th Mommy Review

The 25th Mommy Review

Today's Mommy Review is for a Nursing Cover from Bebe au Lait!

BeBe au Lait was started by Claire Ekelund when she gave birth to her second daughter in 2003 and, being an active nursing mom, she was in need of something that would cover her up, stay in place, while being stylish at the same time. So Claire created a nursing cover that was named "Hooter Hider" by "by an outspoken male friend". The company took off and they eventually changed the name to BeBe au Lait to reflect the more refined and elegant nature of their company. Though, for the avid "Hooter Hider" fans, they make the covers with your choice of BeBe au Lait tag or Hooter Hider tag on it.

I was so excited to get the chance to test drive a gorgeous BeBe au Lait Nursing Cover. I opted for the 'Shrine Aqua' fabric and it is even more gorgeous in person than the picture online! The fabric has such a beautiful color and it is so soft, I would love it even if the fabulous fabric was the only great feature this nursing cover had to offer, but it's not!

On top of being so beautiful and stylish, BeBe au Lait has added a rigid neck so you can see your baby while feeding them, while also allowing a better air flow. Before I had my cover I used blankets and Calvin, as well as I, would sweat because it would get so hot and stuffy under the blanket, I hated it. Which reminds me, the fabric is so nice and lightweight, (helping in the breathability), but, while being lightweight, it isn't see through! I was worried about that when I first saw it and felt it, so I really wanted to point that out. My only problem with the neck being rigid was that if someone is standing over you, you're kind of exposed, so you do have to keep that in mind when feeding around others. Though they do have plenty of fabric on the sides to help prevent side-peekage. I love that they thought of that.

And the other great feature that I was not expecting at all, was a little terrycloth pocket in the bottom left corner! It's so great because not only can you put breastpads in it (or anything small, for example a small sample tube of Lansinoh Lanolin), but you can use it for easy clean up! I love this because before I got my nursing cover I would keep a small towel or burp cloth on my lap that would sometimes fall off. I love that I don't have to worry about it at all anymore!

As you can tell, I am very pleased with my BeBe Au Lait Nursing Cover, it has been a lifesaver whenever I'm out and about. It is hip and stylish as well as incredibly functional and I would definitely recommend one to all the nursing moms out there!


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6 Thoughts:

Greta said...

I would love to have this nursing cover in Chocolat! I love that fabric :). I was just talking about these with a friend the other day, who has just recently started breastfeeding her preemie. I'll have to pass along this giveaway to her so she can have a chance to win too!

Greta said...

I've got your button on my blog! (I'd seriously love to win this...really, I would!)

Katie Lyons said...

Hi Greta! It's so great to hear that you would like to win this, though this is just the review of the product, not a giveaway. BUT if we can get more enthusaistic people like you to comment on this review, the better chance we have a them doing a giveaway for us! So please pass the word along!

Bethany said...

ooo...i love shrine aqua too. what a great product. many of my friends have them and love them. I'd love one as well!

Becca said...

Oh man. A friend of mine got one of these and I am so jealous! Of course its already getting cold here so blankets won't be too bad. But still! If this giveaway is still going on, I want one! If not, I may buy one myself anyway.


Becca said...

Oh man, this isn't a giveaway. but its still a great product.

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