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The 37th Etsy Giveaway

The 37th Etsy Giveaway

Today's Etsy Giveaway is for a Petals Glass Earring & Pendant set from LuLu Village! ($18)

Aren't they gorgeous?! Here's some info so you can get an idea of what goes into these beauties:

An earring and pendant set, pendant is a small 3D glass cabochon over washi paper, earrings are coin-thin glass over washi and surgical steel posts. The glass is made by hand pouring, or rather dropping it - think water drops- and as it cools it captured air bubbles in unique ways. The 3D cabochons reflect light beautifully. The glass rounds are then placed over Japanese washi paper (here) or Italian hand printed paper I collect, sealed twice to make them water resistant, though not waterproof.

Rules to Enter:

1. Head on over to LuLu Village---> http://luluvillage.etsy.com/
2. Pick your favorite item (not giveaway or interview items)
3. Come back here and comment in the entry form below on what you chose (leave an extra comment in the entry form for any extra entries *see how to earn extra entries below*)

Entry Form:

Note: If a second winner has to be chosen, that winner will be chosen based on the most creative, detailed comment!
Also Note: Add me to your safe list or else your winning notice could end up in your Junk Mail folder! babylyons (at) live (dot) com

Open to US Only
Comments that don't meet these requirements won't be entered

Extra Entries:
1 Extra Entry into this contest and every other one if you link to The Giveaway with the button or widget in the right column (for as long as the button/widget is up)
1 Extra Entry if you blog about this contest with a visible link back to this post
1 Extra Entry into the Giveaway of your choice if you "Digg" three of my Current Giveaways
2 Extra Entries if you purchase something from this store during the contest
Comment to let me know you deserve an extra entry!

This contest will end on September 22nd at 11:59 pm PST
A winner will be chosen from a Random Number Generator from mathgoodies.com
The winner will be announced on September 23rd
If I cannot get a hold of the winner 3 days, a new winner will be chosen

Now for the interview:

1. First things first, tell us a little more about yourself...

I am a mother of two children, married to a musician and we live in New York City.

2. What is your regular job?

I started my etsy shop on a bet, for the pure fun of it. I am a serious artist by day, and realized I've become too serious. So the etsy shop became like an experimental lab, where I allowed myself to have fun and try things and fail without fear. Overtime, I started taking etsy more seriously, and my day work has become more joyful and benefitted tremendously from the creative freedom I managed to recapture.

3. Do you Haiku?

the glass came from sand

rubbed clear by the waves

still holds dreams forgotten

4. What inspires you?

We live in NYC which is pretty exciting and vibrant but can also be quite stressful. I derive my inspiration from the city's textures and colors, but also from the traveling we do when we absolutely need to walk away from the city's pressure cooker. My kids are definitely the inspiration behind combining mediums - that's what kids do, put things together that we adults keep in separate little boxes.

5. What item in your shop is your favorite and why?

My favorite is the Red, White and Black decoupage frame. I love it because when I was making it, I let totally loose, ripping through all sorts of magazines, papers, ads, collecting by favorite reds and fitting them together. I see it as very strong, grounded emotional presence - yet it's just a light decoupage on wood!

Thank you LuLu Village for your generous giveaway! Your jewelry is so gorgeous!

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18 Thoughts:

lisacna said...

I like the summer ring

Kirby McCauley said...

I love the Paisley large glass pendant!

Anonymous said...

My favorite season is Summer! I love the summer ring! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

nannalynda said...

I love the summer flowers post earrings, and
the paisley large glass pendant.

Anonymous said...

Summer Flowers- post earrings


mogrill said...

The Paisley large glass pendant is exquisite!

llinda29 said...

I love the summer flowers post earrings

orchidfae said...

I like the fairy leaves pendant!

Judy Shumate said...

The summer flowers post earrings are my favorite!

Minxy Mimi said...

I have your button up


Ginny said...

Love the Apple Blossom large glass pendant

fancyfeet48 said...

love the fairy leaves pendant

Laura said...

love the paisley large glass pendant

joannaonthelake said...

My favorite item from LuLu Village is the Fairy Leaves- large glass pendant. It is unique and bright and very cheerful. It is a pendant I can see myself wearing everyday!

jillian3445 said...

The flower power earings are my favorite, but it was so hard to narrow it down to one. Thanks!

Brooke said...

I like the Candy Colored Palette!

Ginny said...

I have your banner on my sidebar (of my contest blog)

donna444444 said...

I put your banner on my blog.

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