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Coco Bonbons Review

For today's review I am reviewing a Helicopter Outfit from Coco Bonbons!

Coco Bonbons is a wonderful company that makes cute and unique clothing for babies and children. It was started by Coco Kyriopoulos in 2006 and it has really taken off! Her beautiful and fun designs are inspired by her children as well as her friends' children and what they love the most. She even names her designs after them. All of her clothing is made to last with high quality fabrics, and the designs themselves are meant to embrace a child's imagination while becoming their favorite outfit.

Calvin received one of their outfits and I love it so much. It is so cute, I seriously get comments on it every time he wears it! How could you not like this adorable, but still very stylish design? The helicopter on it is so much fun, I think if I was a little kid I would be imagining that I was a Coastguard or something like that, saving lives and being daring. :) And do you see in the second picture that cute little pocket on the arm? I just love that! It's so amazing how the small details can add so much to an outfit. Like the metal buttons all having Coco Bonbons stamped in them, or the courdoruy on the edges, or even the cute striped inner lining for the overalls! The attention to detail on this outfit is what makes it so extraordinary. Along with the quality of course! This outfit was built to last, and even though Calvin will unfortunately grow out of it, I'm definitely going to save it for the next little man I have.


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18 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

21F08CT - Penguin Collection Coat would be looking good and warm on a one year old little girl :o)

dukier44 [at] aol.com

Cjnedrow said...

I like the pink/chocolate - Bonbon Collection Coat!!

Cool Crafty Mom said...

I love the bear tent collection.

EG said...

Hey, the entry form isn't working. Let me know if this won't count as an entry. I like the lion outfit!


Anonymous said...

I am in love with the Penguin Collection shirt and pants. The colors are so vibrant. This would be amazing on my 3 year old!


mogrill said...

The Bear Tent Collection is COOL!

miriama said...

How cute is the penguin coat??

louiseb130 said...

I like the Bear Tent collection

Anna said...

I like the helicopter t-shirt, my little boy loves helicopters!

nannalynda said...

Each collection is so cute but my fave is the Cat collection for girls...But the Paisley collection is also a favorite of mine.

Ardy22 said...

I like Penguin Collection too. Anything with animals is cute

yellowlabs said...

I love the Paisley Collection Jacket. This site has adorable clothing!!

sharon said...

LOVE THE BONBON collection coat, great site

Anonymous said...

bonbon collection knit dress is amazing

beachcombermom2004 at yahoo.com

reinadrop said...

I love the boys Bonbon collection coat & also the lion & the bulldozer overalls. I think i would want the girl outfit. thanks!

betty R. said...

the helicopter oufit is cute..my grandson loves choppers and planes!
enter me please


betty R. said...

forgot to add ,i'd like the boy outfit
got you added to my blog as well..please give me an extra entry,,,


Heather said...

I also love the Bonbon collection (brown & blue items in this collection are adorable!) for our little boy. We'd choose the boy's outfit if we won.

heatherlbrandt (at) verizon (dot) net

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