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I am writing this post to set out guidelines because I have been having to disqualify a lot of entries because people aren't following the rules, and I hate to do that. (Some contests there have been almost 5o I've had to disqualify!) So hopefully this will help.

If your comment sounds anything like any of these, you will be disqualified:
  • "I want to win!"
  • "This is great!"
  • "Fun contest"
  • "I like everything"
  • "I like (name of giveaway item)"
  • "I could really use this"
  • "Win"
  • "(your email address)"
  • "Hi"
  • "Best Wishes"

You get the picture, (I hope). You can say these things in your comment along with your favorite item, but you can't just write these by themselves and expect to be entered. You have to prove you went to the sponsor site.

The reason you can't state the giveaway item as your favorite is because that doesn't let me know you went to the sponsor site. If it is your favorite item, you can state that while naming something else you liked so I know you actually went to the site. Otherwise you will be disqualified :(

So, overall, be sure to state in your comment what your favorite item from the sponosor site was that is not the giveaway item.

*Also, you can comment more than once in the entry form to let me know about your extra entries. I'm wanting to start using only the contest form only for my giveaways, not blogger comments. (The contest form can always be found within the rules for the specific giveaway) In a few weeks, entries that are sent via blogger won't be valid, so get into the habit of using the new form now please :)

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