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Blue Sky Rocket Review

Blue Sky Rocket Review

Today's Giveaway is for a Baby Mohawk by Infantile from Blue Sky Rocket!

Here's some info on Baby Mohawks:
"This soft and warm wool hat is designed for a newborn all the way to a one-year-old. Buy it now for an expecting mom and they may be able to use it for two years! This mohawk hat measures 15"(38.5 cm) in circumference but stretches to almost 18"(46cm) and is a helmet style designed to cover your baby's ears. The front slopes from a measurement of 6"(16 cm) to a measurement of 7.5"(19.5 cm) in the back."

Blue Sky Rocket is a very fun (and funny) site that has so many cute, original items for your little one. And even though it might appear that squirrels run the site, if you read the "About" section, you'll realize that it is in fact run by a human, Stacy ;) The squirrels add such a fun touch though! That's what appealed me to the site in the first place, before, of course, I was drawn in by all the cool items for sale!

I received a Baby Mohawk in Lilac for my niece, Natesa, and she just looks too darn cute in it! The color makes it extra girly, but the mohawk aspect makes it so punk-rock, I love it! And it was so easy to shape to her head, you just get it wet, stick it on there head, take it off and let it dry. Simple as that! Though, I have to say, Natesa's hair was more than a little wet afterwords, lol. And she just gave me this look, like she was saying, "What did you just do to me?" It does seem to be a little scratchy, but it is wool, so that's to be expected. Calvin, who loves hats, doesn't seem to mind it in the least. When I put it on him, he just reached up and touched it, feeling it. :) But since it's made out of wool, that also makes it super warm, which is why I think it is perfect for this upcoming Halloween! Just stick it on your little one for a super cute and funky way to keep them extra warm :)


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rosannepm said...

I like the whale hoodie jacket

Brooke said...

I really like the Boys Jewelry.

Gianna said...

I love the Whale Hoodie Jacket :)

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