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Let's Talk

Let's Talk! is a new section where we all can come and share stories, pictures, and help eachother out. The first part of the title is the name of my post, the second part is the topic we'll be discussing. So let's get to talking!

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The House: What are you wanting right now? What is standing in your way?

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8 Thoughts:

Kim said...

I have needed a fence in my backyard for 5 years now. We always get to where we think we can purchase it and something happens, the car breaks down, we need new tires, the washer breaks. It always seems that there is something. My dog is a Lab mix who loves to run and sits on our back porch drooling over the fenced in back yard next door. Luckily we are great friends so if he gets out now instead of running all over the subdivision he just runs to their door and runs the backyard for a while.

Thanks again for the great site!'


ps- send me your e-mail and I can add you to my blog.

Katie Lyons said...

Don't you hate that, Kim? Something does always get in the way, whether it's money, or in my case, people. Hey, if I was where you live, I could send my husband over to help build the fence, he built a lot when he worked on ranches when he was a teenager, so he's a pro :)

Kris said...

I need a third bedroom. DH was supposed to build it on last year, but with all the medical stuff going on with our baby -- born last year, that has yet to happen.

Ruth said...

We need to finish off our 820 square foot basement so that I turn it into my studio. There are windows all along one side and the plumbing is already set up to put in a bathroom. It's perfect! Now all we need are the funds... ;)

rmgales said...

I want a 2 car garage. I declined a garage when we moved into this house. No basement and no garage. They were just places for me to store more junk. I called myelf scaling down.

The price for a 2 car garage has doubled since we moved.

Kim said...


I wish we did live in the same area and he could build it for me but to even get the supplies to build sometimes is hard. We looked at putting it up ourselves and just for the two sides- we are next to a fence, it would be 2,000!!! Ugh, oh well such is live. I love the blog thanks!

detroit.mommy said...

A normal washer and dryer! I just moved into my grandmothers old house last year before baby was born and her house is so old the electricity is outdated so until we can get that fixed I'm stuck using these weird portable things and let me tell you, with a 7 month old, it sucks.

Franstuff said...

Where do I start....I want new floors... Money is in my way right now, but I am working on it. I am going to start by ripping out my carpets in the family room and painting the floor with primer, until I can afford to buy wood flooring. At least that will get the GROSS carpets out of my family room. It doesn't solve the problem or problems, of why they are gross, but it will be easier to keep up. One problem is my soon-to-be ex-husband let one of his friends put ground up roofing material in our driveway...think about it, OIL, TAR, YECH! The other problem is the 3 cats and a dog, but they're worth the trouble (unlike the ex)...grin

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