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silver monk review

Today's Review is for a pair of Half Moon Fine Silver Earrings from Silver Monk!

Silver Monk is an incredibly AMAZING Etsy shop that has several stunning pieces made by Chimi. All of her pieces are so lovely and unique. Her site is definitely one to bookmark for this upcoming holiday season. Plus, Chimi herself is so nice and easy to work with, I can assure you that you will have no problems at all if you buy from her. (I know that can sometimes be a hangup for people, not knowing how the customer service will be)

The Half Moon earrings that Chimi sent me to review are simply beautiful. The ebony adds such a warmth to them that couldn't have been achieved without it. I love the look of wood, it has such life to it. And combining a warm wood with a cold silver made for an amazingly elegant piece that will go with just about anything, and can be worn in almost any situation. I can team them up with my casual outfits for an everday look, but I can also wear them with a dress for more formal events. I love these earrings, they are such a "Katie Lyons" earring, they fit me to a 'T'. And for the price, only $25, for handmade silver and ebony earrings, you can't go wrong! Any woman would be excited to receive these earrings! *hint hint to all the husbands/boyfriends out there...* ;)

Where to find Silver Monk:

Etsy: http://silvermonk.etsy.com/

Blog: http://silvermonk.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.silvermonk.net/

Happy Shopping!

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