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Bitty Braille Review

Bitty Braille Review

Today's Review is for a personalized infant tee from Bitty Braille!

I was very excited when Julie contacted me about doing a review for one of her shirts. I have heard of Bitty Braille before on other blogs, and absolutely loved the concept. Julie handmakes a variety of childrens products that either have just braille, or braille and the translation on them. I love that they help to raise awareness of blindness to children, so they can get a better understanding of it, and maybe learn a little braille in the process!

And, on top of being educational, they are darn cute too! I love Calvins tee, especially that I was able to personalize it with his name! Sooo fun :) And the fact the she hand embroidered his name on there beneath the braile adds such a warm touch that you just can't get when it's machine embroidered. It's much more personal and I love that about this tee. The overall feel of this tee is warm, modern, fun, and unique. I would have loved to receive one of these at my babyshower, it would have been a great surprise. And I'm sure any mommy would agree with me. These tees are just fabulous! Keep up the good work Julie! :) And all you mommies out there, head on over to Bitty Braile, support a fellow mom, and get something fun an unique for your little one! http://www.bittybraille.com/

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dawn berry said...

What a neat idea! I really love the tiles. And the tshirts are adorable. Great colors!!

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