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Creative Toyshop Giveaway Winner

Creative Toyshop Giveaway Winner

And the winner of our Creative Toyshop Giveaway is:

Entry #115--luna who said "I love the Palace! I care for my 2 granddaughters 4 and 5 . I care for them daily. this would be a great toy to decorate and then play in. I now have 2 dollhouses for them to play with. But this is so large they could put all there dolls in.What would make it so special is they could be their on home decorators. Such a awesome toy at a reasonable price. thank you for a generous contest"

Congratulations Luna! I'm sure your grandaughters will love this! If you don't receive my email, please email me at babylyons*at*live*dot*com

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1 Thoughts:

lunadelmar said...

OMG I just got up for a minute to get some water and some aspirin , thougt I would check my email and saw The Giveaway letter and thoughr I would peek . There I was! A Winner! Thank you so much ,this will be a great project for me and the girls. and lots of play hours I am sure

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