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Seasonal BabyLegs Review

Seasonal BabyLegs Review

Today's review is from a company that I absolutely love, BabyLegs!

I have reviewed BabyLegs before (you can see that review HERE) and instantly fell in love with them, so I was more than happy to do a review on one of their new Seasonal BabyLegs in the Scarecrow design. I chose this design because I love stripes, they are so dang cute! And the colors they chose for them, the greens, oranges and maroons are perfect fall colors (thus the Seasonal-ness of the BabyLegs, though I'm going to be using these long past Fall).

What I am loving about BabyLegs for the winter is that they help me use my summer clothing longer! Any of Calvin's short sleeved onesies or tees, I can just slip the BabyLegs on his arms and it instantly creates a super cute and hip long sleeved shirt for him! I have actually gotten quite a few comments from people wondering where I get my really cute shirts for him, and then I tell them all about BabyLegs. (seriously, one of my fav baby companies, I'm a little addicted)

And, any shorts that Calvin has that he fits into, I can just slip the BabyLegs on underneath them and it creates such a fun and stylish look. I have been snatching up all those shorts and tees that are on sale because it's winter and using my BabyLegs to make them winter-worthy. Saves me a ton of money!

Plus, BabyLegs has made this fabulous style in the Pink Ribbon design that they are donating 10% of the profit from them to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure! I love that. Not only are you helping out a great cause, but your little girl will get to look cute too. I mean, how adorable are those little pink BabyLegs? It's really helping women of all ages come together, even the youngest among us :)

So head on over to BabyLegs and get your little one a pair, or two, or ten.... ;)


Below are some examples of the cute new Seasonal BabyLegs designs, each picture links to it's corresponding page

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Michelle said...

I love the Triangles of Christmas design! My daughter was a late walker and I don't know how we would have gotten through all those months of crawling without Babylegs!

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