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Baby Modern's Wee Squeak Shoe Review

Baby Modern's Wee Squeak Shoe Review

Today's Review is a pair of Wee Squeaks from Baby Modern! ($28.95)

Cutest shoes ever! Here's some more info on them:
"Wee Squeak shoes are designed for children and parents alike. The shoes actually make a fun squeak sound as the child walks. A cushion in the heal squeezes air through a tiny nozzle making the squeak sound. In order for the shoe to squeak a child must walk heal to toe. This encourages crawlers to begin walking and toddlers and young children to walk properly and not up on their toes. Not only is the shoe functional and fun for children, but parents love the safety feature of knowing where their child is at all times.
For those occasions when the shoe needs to be silent, the squeaker can be removed by an adult.These fun little shoes help crawlers walk and walkers run."

I have to say, at first I was a little weary about the Wee Squeak shoes. I hadn't ever heard of them, and although they looked awesome, I was a little worried that they might be annoying. When I got them, not only were they even cuter in person, but to my surprise, they weren't annoying to me at all! Actually, I love their little squeak, it makes these already adorable shoes even more adorable. Even though Calvin can't walk by himself yet, when we walk with him or when he decides to kick his little feet, you can't help but smile when you hear them squeak. Plus he gets a huge smile on his face too, he thinks they are so fun! And besides the cute factor, I love that when he starts walking, these shoes will help me keep track of where he's ran off to. It's a really ingenious way to know where you're little one is when they go straight from crawling to running (which I highly suspect Calvin will do...) I am very happy with my Wee Squeaks and I think every kid deserves to have a pair of fun shoes like these!

Now for the interview:

1. How/Why was Baby Modern started?

I have always loved shopping for baby stuff for friends and family over the
years. While shopping within the area we live in I could not find anything that was modern and not babyish. I started to find a few websites that I fell in love with. Then one day I thought to
myself how hard can it be to open a store online with all my favorite baby items. Within a month we were up and running.

2. How do you pick which products to feature on your site?

I spend many many hours a week searching the web for products that are safe, modern and if they are eco-friendly too that is a plus. I also attend several trade shows a year to view products. Once something catches my eye I order for myself. I use my many test subjects (nieces, god-children, etc) to determine if the item is pratical, fun, and worth the cost. If I fall in love then itis added to the site. There isn't an item in my store that I wouldn't use myself.

3. What is your favorite product thatyou currently stock?

Oh, this is a hard one. I really love all my products. Of course I think the squeaky shoes are amazing. They are fun for kids but look so grown up. A runner up with the shoes has got to be the Micralite Newborn Systemstroller. It was just rated excellent in safety, maneuverability, and durability from Consumer Reports!

4. What product did you have the hardest time getting?

The Beaba Babycook!!! They were exclusive to one store for over a year and I knew it was something I had to carry. The minute I got a call that they were going to become available to me I placed an order.

5. Tell us a little more about you, the person behind Baby Modern...

My name is Casey and I run Baby Modern with my husband Calvin. We have lived in South Carolinafor the last 6 years and love it here. We currently do not have any children of our own
but we are more than ready to add another product tester to the family. When we are not running the store and working we love shopping, watching movies, enjoying good food and friends.

6. What is your favorite part about running Baby Modern?

There are so many great things about running Baby Modern, like finding great products to share with my customers. All of my customers are great. We enjoy helping them find the perfect item and viewing all the cute baby pictures they send us. Oh, and dreaming of opening our retail store in Greenville, South Carolina.

Don't forget to check out my Coupons Page for a 5% discount at Baby Modern! Also, shipping is free on any orders over $40, so head on over there and get shopping! :)


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Harli said...

Your son's so cute!

Kaycee & Russ said...

I HAVE to have the Beaba cooker! That is sooo ingenius! I have so many things I use to make baby food, what a neat way to use it to do them all!!

leah said...

Love the 5-piece Anka Mini Furniture set…simple yet beautiful!

alezah said...

i stumbled you!

id=aplotaxisamomum at yahoo

Robin said...

Holly Aiken Bomber Diaper Bag is my fave item on the site

robinmarie72 (at) gmail (dot)com

Liz said...

This store is fantastic

Liz said...

The other item I really want is Boon Trio Animal Bag as a grandma half my house is over run with kids toys. I have more than the kids parents do. And they say I spoil them.


I love the Beaba cooker!
How that would come in handy!

memetu said...

Beaba Babycook

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