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Photofiddle Review

Photofiddle Review
Today's Review is for a Customized Photo on a Stretched Canvas Frame from Photofiddle!

I don't know if you all know this about me, but I love photography. And after Calvin was born I got my own little model to take pictures of 24/7. Well, maybe not 24/7, but you know what I mean :) So when I learned about Photofiddle, I got way excited. Photofiddle takes your photo, "fiddles" with them, makes a whole bunch of different, unique and artistic versions of it, and then you choose which version is your favorite, what you would like it printed on, and within a few days, you have a beautiful piece of artwork. It was so tough for me to choose which version I would go with, but I was very happy with my choice of the charcoal version. I love this picture of Calvin that I took of him playing with car, and the contrast in it made it perfect for a black and white photo.

Photofiddle printed it on canvas and stretched it onto a frame and shipped it to me fast as lightning. I have to say, before I opened it I was a little wary because whenever you get something online, you never know what the quality will be. When I opened it though, I was so impressed with the high quality of this product, that any worries I had were instantly thrown aside. The canvas is gorgeous, the printing is superb, the frame is nice and sturdy, there is nothing bad about this product. I absolutely LOVE it so much, but honestly, what mother wouldn't love a beautiful, high quality, artistic photo of her child? Seriously, Photofiddle is pulling at my heartstrings with this one ;)

Plus, they even put in a pair of white gloves to handle it with so I won't get the oils from my fingers on it. They thought of everything! :) They go out of their way to ensure you get exactly what you want and fast. I would recommend them 100 times over. Photofiddle is definitely one of my new fav sites!


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5 Thoughts:

Brandon said...

Katie, that is such a cute picture! I'll defently check out Photofiddle, sounds neat!
Thanks for Sharing


Painter Mommy said...

I love this! Especially the black & white. Nice!

taterbug said...

I didn't know anything like this existed. Wow, with 5 grandkids I could really get carried away. Thanks for sharing!


the black and white is completely beautiful- what a beautiful item to treasure

writing4612 said...

Aww, he's such a cutie! I know you'll tresure that photo for years to come.

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