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Blog Partner Search

That's right, I am on the search for a partner for this blog, The Giveaway. I would love to add another person to my blog. Someone that will add a new and fresh perspective and voice.

Plus, whoever the lucky person is that gets chosen will of course have a share in the profits from running giveaways! For every paying sponsor they find they will receive a referral fee and they will get money for every giveaway post they write! On top of that, they will get the chance to review products too!

This is the perfect opportunity for a stay-at-home mom, or anyone for that matter, to make some extra money and receive some fabulous products!

To be considered for the spot, please send an email to babylyons@live.com that contains the following:

  • One or more examples of your writing (if you have a blog, you can direct me to your favorite posts)
  • A list of your hobbies and interests
  • Let me know about you (your personality, your family, hidden talents, loves/hates, etc.) I want to get to know you! :)
  • Examples of your photography (for product review purposes)

I'm hoping to have my new blog partner chosen by mid-February, so hurry and email me! I'm so excited to be bringing another person onto The Giveaway team! Can't wait for the emails :)

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6 Thoughts:

Juicer Girl said...

I hope you find the perfect partner.

Dawn said...

That sounds so awesome! I wish I had more time so I could join you! I have 4 blogs I am running and 2 businesses. I would love to clone myself. LOL Good luck finding someone!!


Pamela said...

I sent you an e-mail

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Good luck in your search :)

Krissy said...

I would love to work with you and I did e-mail you! Take care!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I emailed you. I am so interested!! Enjoy your time with your family. It slips away too fast!

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