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OnTray Review

OnTray Review

Today's Review is for an OnTray Shopping Cart Tray! ($7)

First off, just look at my little guy, isn't he the cutest? Sigh...he just melts me.....love him! (By the way, the reason there is only 2 fruit loops is because these pictures were taken at the end of the "photo shoot" and he devoured all the other ones, lol) Onto the review :) I have been waiting quite some time to review an OnTray, so I was so excited when Laura, the inventor of OnTray, emailed me to let me know it was my turn to test drive this little wonder! The idea of the OnTray is to free up your hands while your shopping, while keeping your little one occupied. It's such a simple yet brilliant product. You just clip it on to the cart and you have a little tray that you can put food in, toys in, maybe even a tiny puzzle for older kids, or little books, anything you can think of. If you don't have kids, or if you want to use it when your out an about on your own, it would be great for holding coupons, calculators, shopping lists, your cell phone, your keys, etc. Heck, if you're like me you might want a snack for yourself in there ;) Though, I generally just eat some of Calvin's snack anyways. Shhh...don't tell!

All in all, I honestly have no complaints about this product. It's made out of FDA approved plastic, so no worries there. It's made in the USA (love to support US made products), and it's just a fantastically simple, easy to use product that I'm so glad to have. Not only does it give Calvin something to do, but it also makes it so he's not twisting around everywhere in the seat, his attention is on the food or the toys! And at the great price of $7, why wouldn't you want to help relieve a little shopping stress?

I have to give kudos to Laura for thinking of and making this fantastic product! Oh, and a big THANK YOU as well :)

For more info and to get yourself one, head on over to OnTray--> http://www.ontray2go.com/index.htm

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4 Thoughts:

Tylerpants said...

A great idea!

Sharla said...

Oh my! He is SO adorable! I love that hair and his expression is to die for! And that on tray looks neat.

Kara said...

What a great product! I think I need one of these.

leelee said...

It's one of those, why didn't someone think of this earlier ideas. Nifty!

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