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Meet My Partners

That's right, partners, not partner :) I decided to pluralize my one partner into two, and thus we now have two new people on to The Giveaway team! I am so excited to introduce you to them, I just know that you will love them as much as I do. So, without further ado, meet Sharla and Theo:


Hello! Around the bloggy world I am known as The Mom Nerd. Isn't that sad that people call me a nerd? Okay, so maybe it was a self inflicted label. And it's only partially true. I am a stay at home, work at home mommy of four boys. As of right now they are 8, 4, and almost 2, you know how ages seem to change. Weird, huh? Oh, and if you noticed the four boys and only three ages thing it's because the almost two year olds are twins. Let me tell you, it is fun around here! I am 29 and have been married to the love of my eternity for almost 10 years. And yes, I did get married when I was 19 (wowser), but I have not regretted it for a single second since. I got my teaching degree in Elementary Education in 2004, a couple of weeks before we had our second son. Then two weeks later we moved to this small town in Utah where my husband teaches band, and we've been here ever since! I hated it at first, but now I love it! So here I am. I teach preschool from home three days a week (children have always been a love of mine), I teach voice and piano lessons in the afternoon. And now I have a job as Katie's partner too! You have no idea how excited I am! (If you did you'd be jumping up and down like I was.) The other parts of my day I spend doing all the required mommy and wife stuff mixed in with "playing" on the computer, reading, scrapbooking, stamping, church activities, playing with my family, etc. Some things I don't do so well; cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing....okay, I'll stop there. I love to learn and try new things and be silly with my kids. So yes, I am a nerd. But I like to think in a good way.


Hey everyone! Theodora here (many people abbreviate it to Theo so feel free to as well). I am so excited to be a part of The Giveaway and want to thank Katie so much for the opportunity. If there's anything I love more than Haagen Daaz coffee ice-cream, it's writing, and blogging is definitely one of my favorite past times. Ergo, I'm happy to be here to review great products and interview amazing business owners and artists. Anyway, just wanted to say a hello (here's me waving at everyone) and let you all know that I am open to any comments or suggestions.

Aren't they just fantastic? I'm so excited and grateful for these two, I can't wait to get everything up and running again! I just know they are going to make The Giveaway even better. :)

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6 Thoughts:

Sharla said...

Yay! I am so excited! And I can't wait to get to know our readers better. By the way, did I ever mention that I've been a butterfly lover since I was a young girl? Yep, but I told people not to buy stuff anymore after the 20th butterfly broach and 50th shirt with a huge butterfly across the chest. But I still love them, just when they're pretty...like here.

Theo said...

Thanks so much for the intro, Katie! I'm so excited to be collaborating with you and Sharla! :)

Katie Lyons said...

Lol, Sharla, you did tell me but I didn't even think about the fact that this blog is covered with butterflies. :D Hope you don't get too overwhelmed ;)

You're welcome, Theo, I'm way excited too!!!

Christina said...

Christina - xristya@rock.com -- Hi Sharla and Theo (a "mommie nerd" and a blogger, just what we need)! Welcome to The Giveaway, which is absolutely the most amazing site where we're made to feel very special winning giveaways and also get to learn about new products and ideas. Katie herself is just GREAT and I hope that your time here will be wonderful for you!

Susan said...

Yay...Welcome girls!

Katie Lyons said...

Thanks so much, Christina! You just made my day :)

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