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ColorMe Company Review

ColorMe Company Review

Today's Review is for a Best Horse T-Shirt from ColorMe Company! (ARV $21.95)

If you haven't heard of ColorMe Company yet, they are a very fun company that sells colorable products for little kids. They feature several fun designs that were drawn by actual kids, on t-shirts, pillowcases, and cards. How fun is that? I know when I was a kid I would have flipped to have gotten something (or lots of somethings) from ColorMe. And when I got the chance to review the Best Horse T-Shirt, even though I'm too old for it, I knew it would be absolutely perfect for my SIL, Abby, who is 10. She LOVES horses, actually has a few, so I knew the Best Horse design would be something she would be excited to color and wear.

So I got the tee, which, I might add, comes with fabric markers, and I took it over for her to have. She wasn't expecting it at all and got extremely excited when I showed her what I had brought her. She instantly sat and colored (even colored through lunch and ate later!) with this huge smile on her face. Unfortunately, the brown was dried out (the cap must have been loose), so she ended up having a white horse instead of a brown horse, but she was fine with that. After she was done she was sure to put it up to dry in a place that no one would touch it. And when it came time to try it on, she proudly showed her new tee to everyone. Overall, I would say that this was an excellent present that I know she will cherish even when she gets too old to wear it.

So if you want to get a stand-out from the crowd present for the child in your life, ColorMe Company is definitely the place for you to go! And if you would like 20% OFF your order, just enter the code "colormelovesmoms"!

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I think my son would love the pillowcase! amantikos@hotmail.com

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