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Invisibelt Review

Invisibelt Review

Today's combined review is for an Invisibelt Clear Belt! (ARV $19.95)

Invisibelt is a great, fairly new company that features virtually invisible belts that are nice and flat instead of bulky. They gave me, Sharla, and Theo all a chance to review one and we couldn't be more pleased! Read on:

Sharla: "I have had my eye on the Invisibelt for quite some time now. My favorite jeans are continually falling off and bulging in the back but when I wear a regular old belt I get more bulges than what I've already got, if you know what I mean. And then it is so uncomfortable that I end up ditching it as soon as possible anyway. When I got my belt I loved how it came in this little round box but was worried that it would stay stiff and be uncomfortable. I soon found that it bends and moves with you, to where you can't even feel it. I love it for me, but I also love it for a reason I never expected. I don't know how many times we have been traveling when I realize that my son has a pair of pants that needs a belt, and I didn't pack one. So I adjusted my invisibelt and lo and behold, it fit him too! Not only did it fit him but he also said it was comfy and found it easy to use. So together, we give it four thumbs up! Only problem.....I couldn't find it this morning. I guess it might be too invisible!"

Theo: "I agree with Sharla! I heard of the Invisibelt through an email my friend sent me. However, I wasn't entirely sure how it worked or even if it did work. Moreover, although, just like Sharla, half of my pants are becoming too big for me (I don't own even one belt!) When the clear Invisibelt arrived I was shocked because I was nervously expecting some sort of corset. Luckily, the belt was small and flexible--perfect to hide under a fitted top! I tested it out for a week and was pleased to discover that aside from literally being "invisible"the belt left no marks on my body when I sat down or even struggling for breath. The adjustments are plentiful and generous as well. (I'm not surprised that the belt worked on Sharla's son!) My only two slight concerns about the clear Invisibelt were: 1. It took me about ten minutes to figure it out (more so due to my inability to read directions, lol) and 2. that initially it protruded a noticeable plastic smell that remained on my hands until I washed them thoroughly. This was only a problem the first two times I wore the belt so I'm guessing that it may have been the packaging. Otherwise, the fit proved amazing and the results were great! I definitely recommend it!"

Katie: "Lol, I think Sharla might be right on the too invisible aspect, I tore my house apart looking for that belt this morning. And all that was going through my head was what Sharla said about not being able to find hers. In the end, my belt somehow ended up in Calvin's toy box (that boy! lol). I was so happy I found it because this is my new favorite belt! I also would stop using my other belts really fast because of the bulkiness, they added bulk to an area that really doesn't need anymore (seriously, what woman wants to make her stomach bigger?). But this belt is beautiful, no bulk, no accentuating my stomach, just a simple yet innovative way to hold my pants up. It really doesn't get better than that! I mean, look at that picture, I am wearing the Invisibelt in that picture, but you can't see it. It's amazing! Love, love, love it! It did take me a little while to adjust it just right, like Theo, but my problem was that I wanted to adjust it while it was on because it's easier to get it just right, and the directions tell you not to do that. I think they say not too because it's just really hard to adjust when it's on, but I'm kind of stubborn sometimes....My one main problem that I had was that since the belt "buckle" part is different than regular belt buckles, you have to adjust it on the side and if I was wearing I tighter top that part might show on my side. Now the part doesn't stick out nearly as much as a regular belt buckle, but it sticks out more than the Invisibelt's belt buckle. But in the top in picture you couldn't see it at all, and I don't generally wear shirts much tighter than that, so I don't think it will end up being a problem for me. And honestly, even I was to wear tighter shirts, I wouldn't mind it because it still is far better than any other belt on the market. And much more comfortable than a corset (lol Theo!)"

I definitely suggest you head on over to Invisibelt and get yourself one, they are a must have accessory for any woman!

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