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See Kai Run Review

See Kai Run Review

Today's combined review is for some adorable shoes from See Kai Run!

Sharla: "I have been in love with the shoes from See Kai Run for about a year now! I actually won a pair in the spring of 2008 but they weren't the right size for my twins until just a couple of months ago. Just last month I was perusing their site, deciding which ones I might want to get for my other twin so they'd both have a pair of these adorable shoes. How lucky I was to be able to get another pair to review! Now both of my 22 month old twins are kickin' it in style!

See Kai Run was started in 2004, and has quickly become some of the most trendy but functional baby shoes out there. As the owner says: "In 2002 I gave birth to a little boy named Kai. Two years later, I gave birth to a company called See Kai Run. See Kai Run was inspired by the need for comfortable shoes with flexible soles for my little Kai to wear outdoors. I wanted to create a line of shoes that was as happening as Kai - bold, hip, fun, with an urban sensibility. Something entirely different than what was offered." And boy did she deliver!

These shoes are definitely adorable, but as a mother I can't begin to tell you how much I love having shoes that are so easy to put on. And yet they stay on! (Another thing that any mother knows is a huge bonus) These shoes are flexible, great for outdoors or indoors, trendy, and can be worn dressed up or dressed down! The only downside? I don't have a girl so I can't try out their too cute for words girl shoes."

Katie: "I know! I'm hoping I end up having a girl so I can try out some of those super cute designs! Though I have to say, usually when it comes to boy stuff for babies, companies fail to make anything cool for boys, while girls get the jackpot in cute stuff! Not with See Kai Run, though. They give equal style to boys and girls, and since I'm the mom to a very cool little dude, that makes me very happy. :)

I got sent two pairs to review and I am loving them both. I got a pair of Becket shoes from their Smaller line (as seen in my first picture), and a pair of Oliver shoes from the See Kai Run line (as seen in my second picture). It was very fun seeing firsthand the difference between these two lines. The Becket shoes have a soft sole that are great for when Calvin is walking indoors, while the Oliver shoes have a flexible rubber sole that are perfect for the indoors and outdoors. They both are extremely stylin', they both are made of leather and very high quality, and they both are super easy to put on. And, like Sharla said, they actually stay on! Plus, you can put them on to dress up, or wear them casual, they look good either way.

I was so happy with both pairs and I know that I will be getting more shoes for Calvin from See Kai Run as he gets older. And I know he won't mind a bit either because these shoes are his new obsession. If he sees even the tiniest glimpse of them, he makes me put them on him. I know, a baby that likes to wear shoes is pretty crazy right? But he would honestly wear them day and night if could. Which lets me know that not only are they the coolest baby shoes ever, but they must be super comfy for my little guy. And that is exactly what I want when it comes to shoes for Calvin, comfort, quality, and style."

What is your favorite design See Kai Run offers? There are plenty to choose from, I'm sure you'll find more than just one! So head on over there and see this fabulous collection for yourself, you won't regret it :)



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5 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE See Kai Run shoes! They are so cute and look so comfy :) Please enter me.....I couldn't find the official entry form.

Judy said...

Thanks for entering me.judyylee@hotmail.com

Katie Lyons said...

Hey ladies! Wanted to let you know that this is just a review, not a giveaway :( Sorry!

MaggieM said...

I would LOVE to win a pair of Lillian Grace for my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter! She has been wanting these shoes for so long now. They are darling - pink ankle boots. I love See Kai Run shoes!


MaggieM said...

I'm subscribed by email :)


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