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Top It Off Accesssories Review

Top It Off Accessories Review

Today's Review is for a pair of Flip Flops from Top It Off Accessories! (ARV $25-$35)
This is mine, Sharla, and Theo's first review together and it is so much fun! Also, check back on Sunday for the Top It Off Accessories Giveaway that will be starting where 5 of you will have a chance to win a pair in your choice of design! Onto the reviews:

Theo's Review:
Top It Off Accessories is just a really cute shop, full of wholesome goodies. The products that co-owners Elizabeth Hoenscheid and Karena Rasser create are wearable, and come in a variety of colors and fabrics. (Check out the hair accessories --the soft headbands are especially fabulous!) I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary pair of the Flip Flops - Pink & Green Checky Plaid and all I can say is that I LOVE them. Granted, I have not yet tested them outdoors because the weather is still pretty cold. However, I have been wearing them non-stop around the house, and can attest to the fact that they are super comfy. My mom borrowed them (without permission might I add) on her recent pedicure trip, and kept randomly exclaiming how great they feel on her feet. Most flip-flops I have ever owned either fell apart after a month or came in dull, bold colors. Not these! First, I love the flirty colors. Second, the price tag ($35.00) is very reasonable for such amazing quality and design. Third, the flip-flops feature a non-flat arch, which is awesome since the last thing anyone needs is a foot problem! I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can sport these around town!

Sharla's Review:
I flip over flip flops. Seriously, I do. I went from being one of those that could not understand the desire to stick something between your toes to a flip flop freak. So I was excited when I got to try a pair from Top it Off! And then I was even more excited to get a pair that is bright pink and green, I am just loving their bright colors! I have been wearing them for a few hours now and they are so comfy. I am one that flips off my shoes the second I get home but they mold to my feet so well I can hardly tell they're on. Two things I have learned, though. First, I usually wear an 8 but these are a little small. So maybe order a half size up from usual. (Or maybe it's just me) Second, if you wear your flip flops out in the snow your feet will look cute but they may still get cold. Weird I know, and it's worth it, but just so you know.

Katie's Review:
I have to agree with Sharla and Theo, these shoes are fab-u-lous! They really do mold to your feet. When I was talking to the owner, she told me that the flip-flops come with an arch support, that some people like and some don't. I knew as soon as she said "arch support" that I would love them. I have high arches (thanks Grandma!), and these shoes seriously do mold to my feet perfectly. And since the fabric is nice and thick instead of thin, like most flip flops, you get a super comfortable fit. I am also digging the bright bold colors of this design and the "TIO" on the pink strip of the sandle. Too cute!

One thing I have to say I was worried about before I received this shoe, was that it would make the bottoms of my feet black. Do you remember when you were little and your parents would buy you the black flip flops and within minutes you would have black soles? I hated that. So I was a little worried. I put them on and wore them around the house for a few hours, looked at my soles and there was NO BLACK! Yay! So I honestly have no complaints about these shoes. I would definitely suggest heading on over there and getting yourself a pair so you can be as comfortable as me, Theo, and Sharla are!


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3 Thoughts:

pixiepine said...

I like the coral belt.

lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

I love flip flops.

mensa63 said...

When I first started wearing flip flops back in the 60's the only ones available were the drug store moulded plastic and you had to take emery boards and file off the rough edges to wear them. They've come a long way baby and I love the Lilac & Fuchsia Madras ones. My podiatrist tells me that wearing flip flops do more for foot health than anything else as they don't keep the foot confined.

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