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Bored, Inc. Review

Bored, Inc. Review

Today's combined review is for fun and fab products from Bored, Inc.!

Sharla: "Let me tell you, it has been like Christmas around here ever since I started working as a partner at The Giveaway. Every time we get a package my two older boys come dancing up to me wanting to know if it's for them. So far I've gotten something for everyone to review except for my four year old Roo....until now! He was so excited when he found out the package from Bored, Inc. was for him. The package had an adorable picture drawn on the front and then inside there was a t-shirt and a handful of cute buttons that he was able to share with his brothers. He received their Light Blue Octopus Toddler Tee on Monday, put it on as soon as he got it, and he's worn it every day since. (Not sure if I should admit to that, but I have washed it once and he changes out of it and lays it out for the next day) So I guess you can imagine how much he loves it! He wouldn't take it off on St. Patrick's day so I was really glad there was green on it! It's made of lovely soft material and perfect for a warm spring day, like the last few we've had. And he was sure proud to show it off to his fellow preschoolers! (Don't you just love that contemplative look he's got on his face?)"

Now for more about this fun company: "Bored Inc. is a mother & daughter design team based out of Los Angeles. Our goal is to create products that make your everyday life a little bit cuter! Our products include Decorama™ vinyl wall art, tees, tote bags, jewelry and accessories. We have over 11 years of experience working with manufacturers on a wide variety of products, and are constantly on the lookout for new product and licensing opportunities."

Theo: "That's so funny, Sharla! Roo must have loved the shirt! Sadly, there are no children in my house but I did receive an adult sized t-shirt. What can I tell you? It is delicious. Literally. I received the Life is Sweet black tee, and the images of candies, cupcakes, and ice-cream cones on the front are too cute. I know it's just a t-shirt but it's all in the images. Overall, Bored Inc.'s products are fun and delightful. (I've received many compliments from friends and family on the Life is Sweet tee.) Another check in the plus column is that the shirt's material stretches and is very comfortable. Unlike Sharla, I haven't washed it yet but it's machine washable so yeahy! I will be wearing it a lot more as spring emerges. :)"

Katie: "Yes, Sharla, I am totally digging that contemplative look, lol! :) I think you have a model in the making there! This time, I opted for something that the Mister Mister can't model, nor did I opt for something sweet like Theo. This time, I opted for monsters *muahahahaha*, the Monster Wall Decals that is, and I am super addicted to these things. I need my next fix already! After I first got them, I waited a couple of days because I was nervous about where to put them and doing it right. When I finally got the nerve up, I realized how easy and fun it was and I was done wayyyy too fast. I put two of them on his dresser, one on the door, and one on the window frame (we have retro window frames that are super wide)

I just realized that I didn't put any of these wall decals on an actual wall, lol. I guess that makes me "creative"...(*hoping someone confirms her creativeness with a comment like "Katie, you are the most creative person I know, if I was half as creative as you, I would be able to take a toothpick and make it into an elaborately carved t.v. stand"*). Why a t.v. stand, you ask? Because the t.v. is on and that's the only thing my super creative mind could think of.

They not only liven up Calvin's room, but Calvin adores them! He always goes up to them and points and asks "Whasis?" (which is his favorite word and means "What's this?") Then he has to touch them and look at them for awhile. I am so happy I got these and I'm sure I'll soon be getting more. Hopefully I won't go too overboard (because I could see me doing that), and completely fill his room with them....Theo, Sharla, you guys might have to save me from myself.....

And before I forget, I would like to thank the ladies at Bored Inc. for taking the time to draw a super cute Octopus on the box they sent me (that added such a fun and personal touch!), and for the fun pins you sent along as well! They really go out of their way to let you know they appreciate you, which, for me, just makes me appreciate them even more :)"

If you want something cute, fun, and original, at a great price, then I suggest you go to Bored Inc. asap. I know, I know, it's hard to leave The Giveaway, but I won't be offended if you do for a little bit. Honest ;)


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4 Thoughts:

Judy said...

My grandson would look so cute in this!

Sharla said...

Katie, you are so cute and creative!! Both of your reviews made me smile!

Katie Lyons said...

Don't I know it? ;) lol

Anonymous said...

love all of these items on this page and others as well Greatly made products...My Son is 12 I wish they had a lot of these when He was that size...Mom would love a tee shirt KayMI kaysweep@att.net

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