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momzelle review

Today's review is for an Organic Black V-Neck Nursing Top from Momzelle!

Here's some more info on Momzelle tops:

- Designed to flatter the postpartum figure

- Universal breast openings ensure discreet and comfortable breastfeeding experience

- Longer through the body

- Adjusted width at the hips

- Sleek look

- Comfortable feel

I got the chance to try out a Black V-Neck nursing top from Momzelle and I can't tell you how excited I am to have this top! Not only is it super comfortable, but it makes it so easy for me to nurse Calvin while still keeping me pretty much completely covered. It's a fanastic design and I'm so excited Christine not only thought of these tops, but is making and selling them for moms like me! I absolutely love my Momzelle top and would live it in if I could, lol. And what's surprising is that no one notices that it's a "nursing top", they just think it's a cute shirt! How fab is that?

One thing I would advise on these tops is if you're used to buying clothing from the young women's section (or the teen section, whatever you want to call it) as opposed to the women's section, buy a size down than what you would buy because I got the medium and it is a little big. I think a small would have fit me perfect. Though it's not too big that it still doesn't look good, I just prefer more snug tops.

I definitely, 100% will recommend Momzelle to any nursing mother out there. It doesn't get better than these eco-friendly, stylish, discreet, and easy to use nursing tops!

Now for the interview:

1. How/Why was Momzelle started?

The seed for Momzelle was first planted by my doctor, who told me I should commercialize the nursing top creation I was wearing when she first saw me after my daughter's birth. She introduced me to the ¨mompreneur¨ notion, telling me about all the moms who have succeeded at starting their own business, inspired by their kids. My nursing top looked indeed quite good, and soon my friends were also asking me to sew one for them. The idea of the business grew, and it was about nine months after the birth of my daughter Cécile that Momzelle first saw the light. I recruted my brother Vincent, the math guy, and we have been working together since.

2. What is your favorite part about running Momzelle?

My favorite part running Momzelle is that my ideas are not abstract concepts anymore, they are really taking life. I think of something, and then it happens. For someone with an academic background like me, it has something magical.

3. Momzelle really focuses on the importance of breastfeeding (yay!),
even in public, have you received any controversy over this?

No ! Our nursing tops make it really easy to breastfeed discreetly in public and the moms who come to us for a Momzelle nursing top already breastfeed, or know that they will. Momzelle's mission is to help mothers feel good about breastfeeding, wherever they are. I feel very lucky and grateful to be surrounded by a supportive family, supportive neighbours and friends, who all support the World Health Organization recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continued breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond.

4. What is your favorite top that you currently sell?

Since all of our tops have the same body - it is really the neckline and the sleeve that changes - it is hard to pick only one as a favorite ! I feel absolutely gorgeous when I wear our Momzelle nursing turtleneck, but I should say that I am very proud of the curve of our Momzelle v-neck. The neckline is very flattering and feminine without showing too much.

5. I see that you are very eco-conscious. Your tops are made of organic cotton, and made in Canada where your workers are able to cycle to work. Are there any tips you would like to share with our readers on how to be more eco-friendly?

Here is my green tip: breastfeed and encourage your friends to breastfeed too ! All you ultimately need for feeding your baby (the first six months of his life) is your breast. From an eco-friendly perspective, there is nothing like reducing our consumption of man-made goods. Buying packaged bottle lining and canned baby food is really not being eco-friendly. My advice is: get prepared for breastfeeding and its challenges while you are still pregnant. Read, meet other breastfeeding moms, and buy what you need to make you feel good about it. Breastmilk is free, it is eco-friendly, and it is a present of love for you and for your baby that lasts a lifetime.

6. Do you Haiku?

My sleeping baby
The golden taste of honey
On his milky lips

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Gianna said...

I am nursing twins. I love the Organic Warm V-Neck :)

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