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Mystic Wonders Inc. Review

Mystic Wonders Inc. Review

Today's combined review is for a Complete Laundry System from Mystic Wonders Inc.! Note that this is a review only, not a giveaway (though we do have a giveaway for it going on HERE)

Theo: "I was a bit skeptical about Mystic Wonders Complete Laundry System. So you're saying I take this laundry ball, place it into my washer without any detergent present, and my clothes will come out stainfree and smelling fresh? Huh? Yet, it works. I have no complete understanding of the system but my mom had actually ordered it a month prior to the review. She had heard customers at her place of work rave about it and decided to use it on some of our whites. True, she pre-treated the few random stains and she did have to run the washer a few times to eradicate left over bits of detergent (just like the instructions indicate). Nevertheless, when the clothes came out of the washing machine, they were clean and bright. She's been using it for a month now and was delighted when I presented her with the set that had been mailed to me. I mean, not all spots completely and magically vanish but the idea of not having to apply overpowering detergent to my clothes is appealing. Apparently, the trick is behind the kinetics of the ball swirling around but I honestly have not yet bothered to completely research the physics behind it. If a product works, it works. Also, the yellow colors are really fun and the drying machine balls have little spikes and literally DO remove a majority of the wrinkles in my clothes. And a lovely bonus? Mystic Wonders Inc. sells environmentally-friendly products, and as a budding greenist myself this news is absolutely delightful! I recommend everyone to try this. According to the formal website, the Mystic Wonders Laundry system should last up to three years. Although I cannot attest to its longevity, I can attest to the immediate positive results! "

Sharla: "Wow, Theo took the words right out of my mouth! This was actually the first I had heard of Mystic Wonders and as I read the box I couldn't believe that it said to not use soap. I have four boys ages 8, 4 and twin 2 year olds and laundry at my house is insane. Washing clothes for six people is almost a full time job and I really wondered if it could actually get the clothes of my four messy little critters clean. I would say I've done about 10 loads of laundry since I received the Mystic Wonders Complete Laundry Set and I can't tell you how impressed I've been! When I first found out I was going to receive this set I read all about it and was just amazed. What I love is that it actually gets our clothes clean, and they smell good! (a must for bed wetters) They are not noisy like I was afraid they would be, and I just can't tell you enough how much I love those dryer balls! I used to have to dry a load twice if it had towels or jeans in it but not anymore. Yahoo! You can only imagine how exciting that is for me. That's why I took a picture of my dry towels after one cycle! I agree with Theo, if it works, it works! "

Katie: "Seriously, like Theo said, when you first hear about this product, you're like "There is no way that can work. You really expect me to believe that putting a little yellow ball in my washer will clean my clothes?" But the thing is, it's not just a ball! There is a ton of science and research behind this "magic" little ball to ensure it works. And, like Sharla and Theo said IT DOES! I was amazed like they were. My clothes were coming out clean, and actually smelling good, which really surprised me. I don't know how that works out, but it does. I was really able to test this the other day when I had forgotten a load of laundry I had put in the washer 2 days before. Don't you hate that? You start laundry with the good intentions of getting it all done, and then you get busy and completely forget about and you end up with your clothes smelling bad from being wet for a couple of days, and you have to rewash them. So rewash them I did. I had washed them already with the Wonderball, and washed them again with it, though I honestly didn't think it would take the smell out. But it did! I, like Theo and Sharla am extremely impressed and surprised by this ball and by the fab dryer balls (that really do cut drying time down!) And if it lasts for the 3 years that it's supposed to (and if the dryer balls last for my lifetime like they're supposed to), it will save me a TON of money, which makes me smile :)"

So head on over and start saving money! And check out their other fab and innovative products while you're there: http://www.mysticwondersinc.com/


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cmwheeler said...

Because we moved from an all electric house to G&E a couple of years ago, we ended up using our landlords old and clunky dryer. Nothing gets dry in one cycle. These sound pretty fantastic. Sharla, I'd be stoked about one-cycle towels too!

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