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Pediped Review

Pediped Review

Today's review is for a pair of Harvey Original Pedipeds in brown! (ARV $32)

I love baby shoes. And when it comes to shoes for my little guy, I'm kind of picky because I want him to have quality shoes that will last through all is playing. When it comes to quality, Pediped is one of the leaders in the game. So I was more than happy to review a pair of their shoes.

The shoes I received were the Harvey Original Pedipeds, and though they are too big for Calvin to wear right now, he should be able to fit into them by summer. Which will be just perfect :) And as soon as he fits into them I'll take a picture and put it up for you all to see. And he has worn these for a little bit inside because he can't see a pair of shoes without wanting to put them on, and even though they are too big, he still loves them.

Here are some of the reasons I love these shoes:
  • The great sandle design that keeps Calvin's toes covered, but still lets his feet breathe.
  • They are made from real leather and are very soft.
  • They feature a 3-layer sole system combining soft leather and a shock absorbing foam pad. (One of my favorite features!)
  • Even though they are soft-soled, they still provide enough protection to be used indoors & outdoors so I don't have to worry about switching shoes when we go out. (Yes, Calvin wears shoes indoors all the time because he LOVES shoes!)
  • They feature an easy to use velcro fastener that enables me to put them on fast, even if Calvin is squirming.
  • They are high quality, sturdy, and even feature hand-stitching on the soles for "excellent ventilation".
  • They are fun and very original! The design is unique to Pediped and I love that :)

I know I'll be using Pediped for Calvin for a long time. And it will be even easier now since they've come out with their new rubber soled Flex line that not only features some very stylish shoes, but is also made to promote "quality foot health" (just like their Originals), and can be used to 5+ years of age! It doesn't get any more fab than that!

So head on over to Pediped to get your little one some stylish, quality shoes! http://www.pediped.com

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These shoes are amazing!

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