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Purely Products Pocket Purifier Review

Purely Products Pocket Purifier Review

Today's combined review is for a Pocket Purifier from Purely Products. (ARV $29.95)
Please note that this is a review only, not a giveaway!

Purely Products are a part of the ever-growing Purely Enterprises, a company started in 2006, committed to enhancing the quality of health through green initiatives. These innovative and practical products inspire healthier lifestyles, and eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives.

Theo: "Initially, I was a bit hesitant about giving the Pocket Purifier a try. UV technology in my pocket? I don't even own proper sunglasses for heaven's sake! Still, I'm all about the Lysol Wipes and the Pocket Purifier seemed like a much neater and easier approach. Apparently, it eliminates the possibility of pathogens multiplying which then eliminates mold, health issues, and etc from emerging. Even hospitals use the same UV technology to sterilize surgical instruments. Thus, I was motivated to use the Pocket Purifier for about a week. Guess what? Turns out it is an amazing product --perfect for the most extreme mysophobe to the person who just wants a clean work space.

Although I don't understand how I could ever fit this into my actual pocket (it's small --perfect for the average handbag/bookbag), it's so useful. Personally, I sometimes exhibit slight disgust when I have to share the same computer as people I don't know or people who sneeze into their hands and then immediately touch the keyboard. The Pocket Purifer seems to disinfect all those gross little germs. I used it on my cell phone, my work computer, my desk at home, my bathroom counter, and some of the door knobs in my house. I simply carried it throughout
the house (it is such a lightweight item) and held it over surfaces for about 15 seconds. Overall, I appreciated its sheer simplicity and convenient compactness. I was even more jolted by the fact that you can use this on your toothbrush! I have not tried this yet. However, I have a feeling that I will soon because toothbrushes are in proximity to the toilet, and I shudder at the thought of harmful microscopic bacteria possibly growing on my crisp, new bristles! :)"

Sharla: "LOL Theo, the toothbrushes around here can rarely be described as crisp and new! More like bent, and covered in toothpaste residue. Which is why, after reading your review, I went in and used this on every one of our toothbrushes. (of course I realize we still need to buy new ones eventually)
I have to be honest here, when I found out we were getting one of these to review, and before I actually went and found out more, I thought it was a water purifier and then I thought it was to sanitize skin. I was delighted when I realized you use it to sanitize surfaces! You can't exactly go around slathering hand sanitizer on every surface when you're out and about. Like Theo, I am a fan of Clorox wipes and use them all around the house and in my preschool. But now I have a product that will actually "attack the germs and bacteria killing their DNA, and preventing them from reproducing and growing." How cool is that?! First thing I did when I got it was go over my keyboard. But my favorite thing about my pocket purifier? It's that it fits neatly into my diaper bag and I can take it with me wherever I go. Next time my kids and I go to the library and they want to use the computers I just give them a once over with my purifier and away we go!"

Katie: "Sharla, you always know how to make me laugh! :D It's a good thing you didn't use it on your skin, though, considering the UV rays! That's one thing that made me a bit apprehensive about this product, it warns you not to let the UV light shine on your skin. So I'm always careful when I use it. (Though my husband assures me it's perfectly safe and I'm just being paranoid.) The only thing that I didn't like about this product is that it has a switch so you can use the UV light or the flashlight on it, and whenever I go to turn off the flashlight, the switch makes it so you can accidently switch on the UV light fairly easy, so I end up not using the flashlight very often. Which isn't that big of a deal to me considering I got it for the germ killing UV light anyways. Which I LOVE, by the way.

I, like Theo and Sharla, definitely use this on my toothbrush. Toothbrushes have always grossed me out so it's nice to have something to kill those nasty mouth germs that like to party in my bristles. I have also found piece of mind by using it on my cell phone (I've heard cell phones are crawling with germs), the flusher on my toilet and especially public toilets (think about it, people touch that right after they use the loo........ick!), door knobs, the handle of shopping carts, the list goes on. It's a very nice alternative to Clorox Wipes that are filled with chemicals that make me cringe. Also, I love that they gave it a little stand so you can put it in an enclosed place and clean several objects at once, like Calvin's toys. Very fab!"

If you'd like to try one out for yourself, head on over to Purely Products:

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