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The Real Deal Brazil Review

The Real Deal Brazil Review
(This is a review only, not a giveaway)

Today's review is for a Tarp Hat from The Real Deal Brazil. ($29.99)

Phew! I was starting to worry that my cute hubby would get jealous of all the cool stuff I was getting to review. Now I finally had something just for him! It's still a little stiff and needs to be molded to his perfect shape but I know that once he's not stuck all day in his classroom I'll be hard pressed to get it off him! These have got to be the coolest hats around and just wait until you hear what they are made of! Here's the deal:

The Real Deal is made in Brazil of recycled canvas tarpaulins from cargo trucks used for transporting goods. Every hat is truly one of a kind as no two are the same. Each hat has its own unique character. Made from various colors of tarp, these hats may have patches, seams, holes, or even Portuguese writing. These hats are hand sewn by Brazilian villagers and reflect the true craftsmanship of the locals. Because the tarpaulins were designed to protect its contents from the rough elements in Brazil, they make perfect covers to shield your cabe├ža (that's head in Portuguese) from the hot summer sun. Every characteristic of The Real Deal tells a story of its prior life lived as a lonely truck tarp and reveals its journeys through the harsh elements in equatorial Brazil. Here are some examples of the characteristics you could find in your own Real Deal Brazil.

Are these not the coolest hats you've ever seen? They also have some way cool bags and a Tarp ball cap as well that you have to check out! Buy one of these and you will definitely be sporting the most unique hat around! I think I might just have to go and buy one of their very cool bags! They even have the natal bag for mommies like me!

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