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The Soft Landing Review

The Soft Landing Review

Today's review is for a Go BPA Free Beginning Solids Kit from The Soft Landing. (ARV $24.50)

When I came across The Soft Landing, I was very impressed over the huge variety of products they have that are all free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates. It's nice to see that Alicia, the owner of The Soft Landing, has really gone out of her way to ensure we can get the best products for our children all in one place.

I chose the Go BPA Free Beginning Solids Kit to review because all of the products in it seemed like they would be perfect for Calvin.

The kit includes:

Two Nuby Nibblers: I love the Nuby Nibblers because it lets Calvin eat foods that he either wouldn't have been able to eat before, or I would have had to cut up into tiny pieces. With the Nibbler I can just stick in some watermelon, apple, ice, whatever, and he can have at it :)

3 Sassy Feeding Bowls w/lids & super grip base: I was really excited about the idea of the Sassy Feeding Bowls because of the super grip base that holds the bowl down. Unfortunately, Calvin is a super strong baby (Almost did a pull up once when he tried to open someones oven! Got his muscles from his dad, I'm pretty pathetic when it comes to strength...) and he's figured out how to get it unstuck. I'm sure it would work fab for other babies. And I really like the bowls themselves because of the fun colors and design, and how sturdy they are.

3 Nuby Hot Safe Feeding Spoons: The spoons are great because now I don't have to stick my finger in Calvin's food to check the temp, because the color on the spoon changes to white when it's too hot. And I like the shape and angle for when I'm feeding Calvin.

One Bibbity Rinse and Roll baby bib: My fav aspect about the bib is that it is super easy to clean, and that it catches food. Though it can take some coaxing to get Calvin to wear it, he's not a fan of bibs. But his fake crying passes after a little while and then all is good :) And of course, what is expecially fab about all of these is that they are safe for my little guy. I am very glad I got this kit.

If you're digging safe products for your little one like I am, then The Soft Landing will be a great site for you to check out: http://www.thesoftlanding.com

Some other products I'm lovin':
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3 Thoughts:

Judy said...

Products look great!

Anonymous said...

Great products. Takes "some" of the worry out of raising kids.


Cynthia said...

These are great products! Dinner time will be more enjoyable and accident free!!

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