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Spinlash Mascara Review

Spinlash Mascara Review

Today's combined review is for Spinlash Mascara from Spinlash by Akasha. (ARV$19.99 for two)
(Please note this is a review only, not a giveaway.)

Sharla: "I never realized how hard it was to take a picture of your eyes! I've always had small eyes that get even smaller when I smile and mascara helps make them pop! I never go anywhere without mascara. I was so excited when I discovered the spinlash, and even more so when I found out I'd be able to review it! What girl wouldn't want this mascara?
  • Perfect Lashes Every Time
  • The First Mascara That Lines, Coats & Curls All At The Same Time!
  • Twice The Volume Half the Time
  • No More Clumps
  • Gently Rotates 360°
  • Big Sexy Eyes
Now, I don't know if I'd describe my eyes and big and sexy, but I would definitely say they are bigger and sexier than before I put on this mascara! There are definitely no clumps, and it does curl them as well. I can't tell you how much I love putting on this mascara. I know I'm weird but it's actually fun to use! It tickles a little but it is so gentle and easy to use. I was afraid I'd have mascara all over my face and in my hair but that didn't happen. Amazing, I know. Another thing I love is that you can use the spinning brush with your own mascara as well. Using the spinlash mascara each morning has definitely brightened my morning regime, now I just need to find some wrinkle cream to review, I had no idea how many wrinkles I had! I guess I must be in denial. Now on to the young girls.....wrinkle free I'm sure. ;)"

"I couldn't agree more Sharla! It's so hard to take a picture of just eyes! Oh boy! Anyway, I too love mascara. I don't wear much makeup but black mascara is pretty much a staple. It just enhances everything about an eye without going overboard. So, needless to say, when I received the SpinLash, I was pretty estatic. I actually had heard about all these different kinds of mascara technologies emerging on to the market but I never actually gave them a chance. The SpinLash though is a nice option though. Just as Sharla mentioned, I appreciate how the SpinLash allows you to use any sort of mascara you want. To be honest, I am not too fond of the one they provide. It does nothing but leave clumps. The magic is all in the brush: it gently brushes your lashes out and then curls them beautifully. Also, it DOES tickle but in a pleasant way of course. :)"

Katie: "I have to admit, unlike Sharla and Theo, I was very skeptical about the SpinLash mascara. First off, I hate infomercials. I hate how they make easy things look hard to make their product look better. I mean, I've never seen anyone's mascara clump like that, nor has it ever hurt to use an eyelash curler. And no one has eyelashes like their models unless they are wearing false eyelashes, I'm just saying...

And then I got the SpinLash and honestly, wasn't impressed. Their mascara wasn't a good mascara and since it wasn't a good mascara, it didn't seperate well, even with the SpinLash. It was better when I tried it with my mascara, but still not what I was hoping for. Plus, when you use it with your own mascara, you have to clean it off every time, which can be time consuming.

So I was afraid I would have to give it a bad review. I used it every day for a week trying different ways to apply, hoping I would find something. And, to my surprise, I did. I decided to use my own mascara, it's own brush and everything; then use a clean SpinLash to go over my lashes and seperate them. It worked! It seperated them beautifully and took all the clumps off. Granted it wasn't like the infomercial, but nothing ever is. And it was easier to clean since it wasn't covered in mascara. (A little tip,when you use it like I do, be sure to use the SpinLash immediately after using your mascara while it's still wet. Otherwise it won't work as well)

So even though I didn't like this product in the beginning, I love it now and truly, honestly use it every time I use my own mascara. It just gives me a more polished look. The only thing I wish it had was a cover to go over the SpinLash when you don't want to put it in the mascara they provide. Other than that, I was very happy with the results I was able to come up with."


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5 Thoughts:

Sharla said...

LOL, Katie, I wrote my review the first day and since then I've ended up using it exactly as you. I put on my own mascara and then curl with the spinlash. I just found that the gentle spin didn't get it on as thick and quick as I like. I still like it, but I didn't like their actual mascara to go with the brush. And I didn't even know there was an infomercial for this!

kimforbeads said...

Interesting views - I might have to try it for myself. thanks

Cindy B. of Montana said...

Interesting reviews. When I first heard of this product I thought to myself, "no way"! I could just see myself sticking it in my eye or flinging mascara all over the room. Really, it sounds like one of those silly gadgets no one really uses after they get it. But, I may give it a try for the lash separating deal at the end...thanks!

Katie Lyons said...

Hi Cindy,
It really does, doesn't it? Like I said, it took me awhile to figure out a way for it to work for me. I'm glad I did, though, cuz I love it now! Definitely worth getting :)

Judy said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try this-pick me!

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