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Star Kids Products Review

Today's review is for a Snack & Play Travel Tray from Star Kids Products! (ARV $19.95)

Do you have a little one who spends time in the car or the stroller? This is for you! Wanna know more?

Every parent knows that when children can't reach items, they become upset. Parents must stop the car, or reach behind in order to get the child the items they want. This inconvenience can cause delays, disruption, and stress.

Snack & Play Travel Tray is ideal for short and long trips. Use Snack & Play Travel Tray anywhere you go with your car seat, even airplanes!

I received a Snack & Play travel tray to review just in the nick of time! We went on a week long trip to California last week which is about a 10 hour drive for us and with four kids that can be quite the adventure. The only thing I ended up wishing was that I had more! Luckily my boys were pretty good about taking turns. Here is my oldest using the Snack & Play travel tray to draw in his sketch book. He loves to draw and enjoyed having a place to do it in the car! My four year old liked using it to eat his snacks and to play with his toys. I have to be honest though, when we gave it to my twins they justpushed it away from them and whined until we took it off. They may be a bit young for it I guess. My older boys loved it though and took turns using it. It is a great way to keep their toys, drinks, snacks, writing supplies, and more together and organized! A great find for the organized Mom! (or one trying to be, like me)

We had a chance to interview Alyson Probst, the inventor of this amazing product and here is what she had to say:

1) How/Why was Star Kids Products Started?
I was tired of pulling over to pick up toys, food etc and/or listening to the crying and I could not find a product like this in the marketplace that I thought was safe.

2) We'd love to hear a little more about the woman behind Star Kids Products...
You can read more about me and how I came up with the idea for the Snack & Play Travel Tray here.

3) The Snack & Play Travel is a brilliant idea that you were able to bring to life! Was it difficult to go from idea to product?
Yes and No, financially it was difficult as I was in the process of a divorce when I worked on the redesign of the product to what it is today as well as the launching, etc.
It is difficult to predict how long it will take to go from idea to final prototype. This can take months, years depending upon the product.
It took longer than I expected to get to where we are today and it has been hard financially.

4) I see that you got your inspiration for the Snack & Play Travel Tray from your oldest son. How has it been juggling being a mother of two young sons while running a business?
At times it has been difficult, it has become easier since my younger son started school full time. Even so, I work many times after my kids are asleep so I can spend time with them when they are awake.

5) Do you have a Snack & Play Travel Tray for both of your boys in your car? What is your favorite thing about it?
Yes I keep trays in the car for both of them. I have a couple of favorite things - the side pockets for storage as well as the easy on easy off aspect of it.

6) Do you have any new ideas or inventions in the works?
Yes, I am currently working on 2 products and have provided insight/suggestions for a third product idea.

This really is an amazing product! http://www.starkidsproducts.com/

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Anonymous said...

I would like this for my grandkids.

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I would love to win!

Karen said...

I would love this.

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Sarah said...

The only OHio location listed is:

Kid Store & More
6717 Hillvale Street SE
E Canton, OH 44730

Sarah said...

This would be a great gift for my friend, Molly.

susan said...

this would be so great to have!


This is such a wonderful product!
It's is not only functional but would help keep kids busy & less likely to be screaming & crying.

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