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Stylagio Review

Stylagio ClipChic Review

Today's review is for three ClipChic purse hooks from Stylagio. (ARV $19.95)
This is a combined review by Katie, Sharla and Theo! Like what you see? Check out our giveaway!

Sharla: "I just got my ClipChic in the mail today and I'll be honest, I wasn't even sure what it was at first. Looking at the fancy box and then even after opening it I thought at first it was some kind of fancy jewelry. And then I realized what it was and I was thinking wow, the owner, Anne, is one smart chick! She packaged something incredibly useful up in this fancy box that would make any girl swooon! I seriously have got to get one for all my girlfriends now! I will be honest, I haven't had a chance yet to get out there and use it but it comes in this adorable box with a velvet bag to keep it in and mine is already settled comfortably in my diaper bag. I went around trying different purses on it in my house and discovered that it holds my diaper bag! I don't know how many times I've been somewhere where I didn't want to put my bag on the floor. So, you want the scoop on exactly what this cool little ClipChic does? You ask? I deliver! The ClipChic was invented by Anne, a fashion forward woman from France. She wanted to find something compact, effecient and sleek! And did she succeed!"

With this must have fashion accessory, every woman now has a place to hang her purse. With ClipChic, your purses stay clean and secure. ClipChic’s clean finish allows you to easily match them with your favorite outfits and purses. With colors that follow fashion trends, you are sure to find the ClipChic that fits your wardrobe style. ClipChic is the new must-have accessory of the fashonistas.

Theo: "I agree with Sharla! This product definitely does evoke that tingly feeling of fancy jewelry. Aside from its contemporary beauty, the ClipChic's packaging is just so lovely. Everything from the velvet pouch to its sleek, little box is swoonworthy indeed! The other wonderful thing about the ClipChic is that it actually works. It's not only about its looks but its conveniently adorable size and practicality. No more throwing those bags down on yucky restaurant floors. As for a gift idea? I'm with Sharla --it's amazing and very different. I honestly had no idea what a ClipChic was before this review but I now can't part with it. It's a thoughtful purchase because, after all, what woman doesn't appreciate it when someone considers the welfare of the handbag? Sure, that's not a crazy important matter but it's nice to keep your favorite handbag in good condition. Thanks, Anne so much for making the ClipChic such a special purchase!"

Katie: "Sharla and Theo are definitely right when they say this is like receiving a piece of jewelry. It's gorgeous, and it is a must have accessory for any woman! And the packaging it comes in makes it feel like Christmas :) What I found so fab about this ingenious design was that, not only will it hold my purse and diaper bag, but it will also hold my photo bag! Being an amateur photographer, I can tell you it can get frusterating having to hold your camera bag when your out, say at the in-laws or some friends house. I don't like putting my camera bag on the floor because sometimes there are so many people, I'm afraid it will get lost or maybe kicked somewhere on accident (there are a lot of kids at my in-laws). With the ClipChic, I get to hang up my photobag and not worry about it at all! I love it. The ClipChic is so versatile! If you think about all the possiblities: it can hold your purse, diaper bag, photobag, scarf, it could even be an emergency coat hanger if you had a high enough surface to put it on! The possiblities are endless. And it uses gravity, not glue, so it can be used on any surface without ruining it. Also, since it's so small, it's easy to slip in your purse and take with you. So I, like Theo, would like to thank Anne for making this extraordinary accessory!"


Do you just have to have one for yourself now? I understand! The ClipChic ROCKS! So head on over there and get one for yourself! (And I'm sure your best friend wouldn't mind one either!)

Some other fab colors of the ClipChic: (click on photo for corresponding product page)

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3 Thoughts:

Mar said...

I am a little confused as to where the official entry form is. Is this it? Irregardless please enter me, it would be great to have a secure place to keep my bag at restraunts and clubs.

writing4612 said...

The official entry form is on the post from March 4. It's titled Stylagio Giveaway! This post is just the review of the product, not the actual giveway post. Just scroll down, and you'll see it

Matin said...

I Just received my stylagio, it's soooooooooo good, this is the best invention since slice bread, i can't thank you enough, thank you Anne, you are such a great influence to all of us women around the world.

Fateema Solaheh Mohammad

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