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WAT-AAH Challenge!

My kids took the Wat-aah Challenge!

The idea is simple. Put Wat-aah in your fridge, and see what happens. I was excited to try out this challenge with my kids, we're always up for something new, and how can I argue with, well, water? I'm a blog surfer so I've been hearing a lot about it the last couple of months, and I just couldn't help but wonder......what would MY kids do? Well, I definitely found out.

Now as you can see, the #1 step is to put the Wat-aah in the fridge next to the sodas. But maybe we were the wrong test subjects because we never have soda, or juice. We have water and milk. I'm always encouraging them to drink water. I've even caught my four year old drinking straight out of our water purifier pitcher in the fridge. I told my hubby about this challenge and he went a little crazy. He bought a few juices, kool-aid, sodas, etc. Our fridge was stocked with drinking beverages like never before. There is even some in the door you can't see.

Now I know the rules specify to say nothing and observe, but my kids don't usually just go and help themselves, so I had to give them a little prompting to go to the fridge and get something to drink. Here is what happened:

This video is completely 100% legit and unedited (not that I know how to edit anyway)

Now I don't know if you got all that, my computer is awful at showing video, but I just hope you saw it better than I did. As you can see, my kids did not choose the Wat-aah, until after some prompting. I think the best part of the video is listening to my hubby in the background. As a follow up, my 8 year old took a drink of the Wat-aah, and then set it down for a bottle of Kool-Aid, which is just about the worst kind of drink I could possibly give my kids, in my opinion. Aside from soda.

So there you have it. We took the Wat-aah challenge, and I guess we failed. But I don't consider it a failure since we already drink a lot of water. Once all of our other drinks run out and that Wat-aah is still sitting in the fridge, we'll see what happens then. One thing I do know for sure....my kids love the cute bottles! Would I buy more? Honestly, probably not. But my boys will keep those bottles and fill them up time and time again I'm sure. I hope that's not cheating.....

P.S. If you noticed Ebug's outfit, yeah, it totally doesn't match. Those are the clothes he changed into after church. I thought about making him change but figured it was more authentic that way. Kids not matching..... dirty kitchen.....yep, that's us.

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Katie Lyons said...

lol, body flavored water :)

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