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betty belts review

Today's combined review is for some fabulous products from Betty Belts!
Please note this is just a review, not a giveaway.

"I wish I could say the gorgeous picture over there is me. But alas, it's my friend Emily. I've been getting so many great products that I wanted to share! And as you can see, she's got the cute figure to pull off this adorable Jeni Belt! Hers is brown with black thread, and a cute belt to wear dressed up or down.

Here is what she had to say: "I like that it is lightweight and you can hardly feel that you are wearing a belt. It doesn't bunch up your pants in the back. The only thing bad is that I need a new wardrobe to go with it, and maybe have a smaller size." I think her belt looks great! I can't wait to hear what Katie and Theo got and how they liked it!"

"Betty Belts definitely sells beautiful products. Sharla is so right. The Jeni Belt is adorable! The earrings look lovely as well and I might order some to try out (the Lotus Hoops keep calling out to me). Personally, I had liked the "Peace. Love. Aloha" bangles because I thought they all came as a set. However, I realized that they were not a pack of bracelets when I received a leather bracelet with 'Peace' stamped on it. This piece definitely promotes a great message and the leather is soft and "seamless" just like the description states.

Yet, knowing me, I would never dish out $18 for this one bracelet, even if it is made from leather. (I do have to say though the packaging was fun; there were so many pink and black Betty Belt logo stickers in it and I think this added a personal element to the order.) Overall, the "Peace" bracelet adds a nice, simple touch to any outfit but I think it's a bit overpriced. I would not recommend this specific item but I would advise any interested ladies to check out Betty Belts stores, especially the belts (gorgeous collection)."

"I actually got the Love Bracelet from the Love, Peace, Aloha bracelets. I knew that I would be getting just the one, though. I can completely understand what Theo is saying on the price, but I can also understand the price. Considering this is a handmade item, I completely understand that a lot of work and time went into it. And I can see that when I look at it as well. So though the price is a little expensive, it still makes sense to me. Though I do think they should offer a set for a cheaper price to encourage buyers to get all 3.

I love the color of the bracelet, the feel of it, the meaning, the quality. It's very "me" aka LBB (laid back beautiful) It matches any of my outfits so I wear it constantly. It is a little large, but that's because I have tiny wrists (family trait). I'm used to it though. Unless I make a bracelet for myself, it's always a little big on me. Other than that, I have no complaints :)"

The quality of the leather itself is the same used for high end brands like Louis Vuitton.
Here's a response from the artist herself on the quality of these bracelets: "The quality of the leather itself is the same used for high end brands like Louis Vuitton.They are not only hand-tooled, but fair trade, which means I pay higher prices to make them. I want everyone in the chain to be happy.Yes, there are cheaper leather items out there, but chances are they are not this quality and not ethically made."

If you want to head on over to Betty Belts and get some beautifully handmade products for yourself, here's the link:

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2 Thoughts:

Shannon said...

The bracelets are way cool. I really like them!

Judy said...

The earrings are great. I just love them

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