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Bubble Planner for Busy Moms

bubble planner review

Today's combined review is for the Bubbles for Busy Moms planner {ARV$14.39}
(Please note this is a review only, not a giveaway.)

Cute cover, right?
Here's more information from the the Bubble Planner company website:
"Moms who have been there (and done that) will tell you that their projects were not focused on perfection, but on organization and ways to create peace and balance, which is what we all yearn for."

Here's a unique way to organize your life. Instead of copying down schedules onto long lists or trying to squeeze information into too small spaces of personal organizers, moms can now place everything inside big, oval bubbles. Basically, the To-do lists have gone from square to round and the weekly calendar features one bubble for each day. (This bubble is depicted as a clock face that allows you to allocate your time into four quadrants.)

"Although not a mom, I did appreciate this innovative form of organizing my weekly schedule. I found many useful ways to make the most of my planner. For example, I recorded my sleep schedule and jotted down everything I accomplished during the day to see if I was being productive at all. Having a weekly overview of my activity helped me see how I can make more efficient use of my time and best regulate my behavior.

The best part about these planners is that you fill in the dates yourself. (I grow so sad when I have to toss a worthy planner out simple because it is outdated.) There's even "free" space in the back and a "Birthday Keeper" section! The only part I did not really favor was the "Radar Section" and the goals roadmap section (economic, health, intellectual, social, spiritual, etc.) I honestly do not know where my life is headed and I felt too much pressure to fill out my whole future --the "big picture" -- into these bubbles. Personally, I found it pointless but a person with a better handle on life will probably love it.

I would have preferred more pages for contact information (unfortunately, only one page was provided). Overall though, I give it a two thumbs though for anyone with a hectic lifestyle who wishes to maintain a sense of control. (The grocery to do list that came with it was also so helpful --my mom loved it especially because it reminded her to use her coupons!)"

"Theo, I thought it was interesting that you didn't really like the radar section because you felt too much pressure to fill out your whole future. I didn't find it incredibly useful because I've got my future planned and filled out already so I didn't need it. It may take the right kind of person to find use in that section. Maybe it's you, Katie?

Right off I liked the calendar and birthday section in the front. I will keep this planner forever just because now it's the one place that I have birthdays! I have felt so unorganized lately and was so excited to try this. I've been trying to use it for a few weeks now but unfortunately I only ended up really using the Monthly Calendar Pages. Their pages are well laid out, cute, and fun. I love the design and colors and I also loved the grocery list!

But what I didn't like is that it is hard to write in with the spirals (at least for me), I didn't like the fact that there is no way to put replacements in, you would have to buy a new one in a fairly short amount of time. And I just thought there was too much to fill out. It felt more like "busy work" to me. What I think they could do is maybe have custom planners so you can put in exactly what you need. So, what did you think Katie?"

"I didn't have any trouble writing with the spirals, but I think I'm used to that; I always had spiral notebooks in school. And I found the life planning section a little intimidating too, Theo! Actually, I was pretty intimidated by the whole planner before I got it. Trying something new can be hard sometimes! ;)

I, like Theo & Sharla, have been using it for a few weeks now. My favorite part is the Task Management section, for daily activities. Though each circle of bubbles has a different icon in it, I just ignored those and used every single one to write down stuff I needed to get done for the blog that day.

It's really helped me stay more organized with all the details of this blog. I have a horrible memory and usually forget to do things, writing it down, connecting things that relate, and being able to check back to see what I still need to do, is a big help. And I surprisingly like writing in the bubbles better than writing a generic list of 'Things to Do'. It's less overwhelming that way, I don't know why, but it is.

I also love that you get to fill in the dates yourself! I'm pretty sure other planner companies don't do this because they want you to have to spend more money by buying new inserts. So it's nice to know that the people over at Bubble Planner are looking out for us more than their wallets.

I don't use every section, and I don't know if I will end up using them all. So I think Sharla has a fab idea on providing custom made planners. That way nothing goes to waste and you get exactly what you want. Overall, though, I love this planner and I use it daily, so I definitely recommend it."

Do you need to get more organized? Check out Bubble Planner and see if they can help you out too: http://www.bubbleplanner.com/

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