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Child to Cherish Review

Child To Cherish Review

Today's review is for a Max the Soccerball Bank from Child to Cherish.

Please note this is just a review, not a giveaway.

My 8 year old, Ebug is my little soccer fanatic. He LOVES playing soccer.
I was so excited to be able to get the Max the Soccerball Bank for him. And guess what? He loves it!! He is saving up to be able to buy something for his little brother's birthday. It is a great way to teach about saving and making a plan about something you want to buy. It is also a good tool for teaching that you can't always buy what you want when you want it. You have to save.
It looks great in their ball themed room and it comes in this adorable bug catcher container. I was so glad of that because my 4 year old plays with that so he still got something too.

Child to Cherish was founded in 1986 by designer Patrice Lowe, the mother of three boys. Her initial creation, a handprint kit in a tin, remains one of the most popular items in the Child to Cherish collection. Over the years, Patrice has expanded the Child to Cherish collection to include the finest unique, yet functional children’s keepsake and gift offerings in the industry. Each item in the collection is developed to capture precious moments in time. Each item in the collection is developed with a single focus in mind, to capture those precious moments in time to preserve the innocence of a child.

Their products really are fantastic! The soccer bank is well made and has held up very well after all the handling of little boys.

They have an array of beautiful gifts for any and every occasion.
Ready to buy? Go here: http://www.childtocherish.com/ and enter this code: tg10 to receive 10% off of any order! Isn't that fantastic?!

Here are a few more of their great products that you can of course click on to see more!

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Katie Lyons said...

I can see why Ebug loves it! So cute! And great idea to let Roo use the bug catcher :)

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