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If I Had $200

I just wanted to share this fabulous contest with you all! Bissel is giving away a Healthy Home Vacuum and $200 daily until April 15th! To enter you just need click on the banner or the link below, and submit a story on what you would do with your $200. And you can enter a different story every day!

Good luck everyone! I hope we get some winners :)

*note: You can't enter here! You have to go to the Bissel site via the link above!*

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5 Thoughts:

roswell said...

i couldnt find the if i had 200 contest anywhere

i have tons of uses for 200, tune up for my car for starters
roswello at hotmail dot com

pms3237 said...

Boy oh boy, could I use that $200! I had a repair man come to put new carpeting on my outside stairs and when he removed the old carpeting, he found that the landing was all cracked and need new cement! Another $400 that I am not prepared for!

Michelle said...

Thanks! Just entered. I'll have to come up with something more creative next time I enter.

Anonymous said...

If I had $200 I would give it to my elderly neighbor who just lost her husband.


mscoffee77 said...

If I had $200, our family would use it at Lowes because our home really needs some fixing up!


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