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i see my face review

Today's combined review is for a My Daddy book and a My Color Book from i see my face. ($49.99 each)

Please note this is a review only. You can check out our iseemyface giveaway HERE.

"The boys and I are actually going to save this for Father's Day (our little secret from Daddy) but they were so excited to have a book with their very own Daddy in it!

And really, I can't think of many other gifts that are as special and will be treasured as much as this book. It's a simple layout and very simple and short sentences, but that is what I like about it. I hope it will hold up over time, but of course only time will tell!

If you are going to order one of these you can even add a couple of custom pages. If I had done that I would have added a page saying "My Dad is musical" since he is a band teacher. Another thing I love is the dedication you can write at the end. It makes it that much more special! As you can see, they also sent an adorable t-shirt which Roo loves!"

"Calvin got a t-shirt too, but one with him on it since we did the My Color Book one. Too cute! I had not heard about this company until Sharla told me about them. When I went to the site and saw what they were all about, I was hooked.

The process was so simple too, I just sent them a photo of the Mister and my address, and within a few weeks I had one of the most amazing books I've ever owned. They did a fabulous job (as you can see in the pics), I was very impressed. The pictures are fun and a great way to teach Calvin to learn colors. And I love that I was able to put in a dedication to him. I wrote "Calvin, May you world always be filled with color, wonder, and love. We love you forever, Mommy and Daddy".

And Calvin's first reaction? He started giggling like crazy and put his face right up to it. Everytime I show it to him I tell him "That's Calvin! That's you!" and he starts giggling and pointing at his picture. He adores this book!I'm thinking what I'd like to do is get a new one every year so I can have a whole collection that shows him growing. Wouldn't that be so awesome?

The only thing I didn't like about this book is that on the side, instead of saying "My Color Book", it says "myGenerations: custom Everytime I show it to him...he starts giggling and pointing at his picture. He adores this book!publishing". I think it would look a lot better if it said "My Color Book", especially when it's up on a bookshelf. That way you know which book it is, especially if you were to have more than one.

Other than that, I can't say enough good things about this book. I absolutely love it!"

I totally understand if you have to have one now, so here's the link:

Liking what you see? Click on the pics and get shoppin'!

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Sharla said...

Katie, his book turned out soo cute! And that picture is adorable!!

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