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kushies review

Today's review is for a shirt and a pair of overalls from the Leapin Lizards Collection at Kushies!

In my constant search for cute, yet hip clothes for my little guy, Kushies instantly became one of my favorite sites. They have so many fun outfits that I could see Calvin wearing. So to get the chance to try out one of their outfits was really exciting :) Here's what I'm loving about Calvin's outfit:

- The fabric on both shirt and overalls is a nice lightweight, soft fabric, perfect for the upcoming summer.
- The stitching is definitely high quality and appealing to the eye.
- The overalls are adjustable on the straps to two different lengths, so Calvin will be able to wear them for awhile.
- It's got cute little lizard designs that aren't the usual "Look at me!" designs, they're inconspicous while still being noticeable.
- The overall feel of this outfit is trendy, but it still maintains a cuteness, which is perfect for Calvin

This outfit is a bit on the pricier side, so I would suggest getting it when your baby is older. That way they aren't growing as fast and will fit into it longer. As with any product, you get what you pay for. The price for this outfit, I learned quickly, is for the high quality of it. It's soft, trendy, and durable, definitely made to last. I got it a size bigger than Calvin is wearing right now, that way he can grow into it. He can still wear it now, I just have to roll up the legs on the overalls. (Which I think is too cute!)

I would definitely recommend Kushies if you're looking for high quality, fashionable clothing for your baby or child. And they also feature several other fun products, including: bibs, bedding, cloth diapers (apparently they are the world's largest washable diaper leader), day care and travel bags, a super fun line of toys and lots more!

Have to get something from Kushies now? I don't blame you :) Especially since Kushies is offering my readers a special discount! Just enter the code "tg10" at checkout to receive 10% off of any order!


Here's a little sample of the other fun products at Kushies:
(click on photo to go to product page)

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4 Thoughts:

Trisha said...

At first the thought of cloth diapers was a little overwhelming but Kushies makes things way easy.

I have tried several brands but still like this one the best. Compared to Bumkins, diaper genius, and fuzi bumz; Kushies are about the same but a better value. Some tips: I started fastening them low on the velcro strip and we're working our way up and out as he grows. Don't fasten them too tight - I usually sit my son up to make sure his belly isn't too squished since they don't stretch like a disposable. My son wears these during the day and I use disposables during the night. Why? I've noticed that he wakes as soon as he wets and I don't want to disturb his wonderful and much appreciated night sleeping habits.

I'm sure it will work great for the night too! On that note, be sure to read and follow the care directions. I ordered the Kushies recommended amount of 25 diapers. 25 Kushies are lasting me for 2 days, so I wash every other evening.

Kushies leak about the same as a disposable diaper, sometimes little ones just explode! I also ordered 10 of the washable liners but have not used them. I will probably order some of the flushable liners soon.


Lori said...

I have some Kushies clothes from my daughter that were gender neutral enough to use with my son. They still look new! These clothes last forever!

Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

Very cute overalls!

Stefani @ Mommy Enterprises

Lauren said...

Kushies clothing is fabulous, I love the colours they use!

Their cloth diapers are mediocre at best and most are pretty junky, so I'd skip those and go for some that work better. They're not very absorbent and leak a lot, discovered that the hard way when our little one was born!

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