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Loyal Army Clothing Review

Loyal Army Clothing Review

Today's review is for a Lil' Stink Bomb Toddler Tee from Loyal Army Clothing.

Please note this is just a review, not a giveaway.

My little stinker loves his new Lil' Stink Bomb t-shirt. In fact, he didn't want to take it off. (He has this knack at getting attached to things he likes).
All of the clothes and accessories at Loyal Army Clothing are, at very least, stinkin' adorable! I had so much fun browsing through their fun products. I was pleased with the t-shirt we got as well, it is such soft, nice material and of course the graphic is well done and fun.
The only problem I had was that it shrunk after I washed it, and of course I washed it in cold water. I'm afraid it may have been from drying it, so my advice is to read the tag really carefully instead of throwing it in with the millions of clothes you wash each week like I did.
The upside is that it now fits the twins pretty well, and Roo was very gracious at passing it on.

I love the greeting you get from Loyal Army Clothing:

Hi, hola, bonjour, konichiwa, howdy and hello to everyone!

My name is Brian and I design for Loyal Army Clothing. Here at Loyal Army we live in the world of Kawaii, which is Japanese for "cute". Our bright bold colors and our crazy characters just want to make friends with you and invite you to join our army of cuteness.

Looks like their army of cuteness is a success! And I'm glad my kids are now members of the cuteness club! If you want your child to be cute and stylin' in their bold designs I suggest you head right on over. And did you know they have purses and accessories and products for men and women as well as for kids??


Here are a few of my favorites so just click on the pic and get busy shoppin'!

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