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Modbe Swimsuit Review

Modbe Swimsuit Review

Today's combined review is for a Flounce-Black Polka and a Bandeau-Brown Paisley 2 piece swimsuit from Modbe Clothing. (note this is the review only, to enter the giveaway go HERE)

Wow. A clothing company that embraces the notion of modesty when it comes to swimsuits? Well, that is what Modbe is all about. Comfort, style, and reserved beauty. With great prices and practical materials, the flattering Modbe swimwear collection is worth a try!

Theo: "Modbe Clothing is what I like to refer to as a "surfer" boutique. Not that the clothing isn't cute! It definitely is. It's just very comfortable looking and laid-back. Personally, I'm favorable to this style so I was rather excited to receive a Modbe Flounce Swimsuit (in Black Polka Dot).

When it arrived, I immediately unwrapped the suit from its careful packaging and noted that the material is stretchy. This particular swim suit also featured much appreciated underwire through means of a shelf bra (this is always a big concern for me so yeahy for Modbe for thinking ahead).

The only issue I had was not really with Modbe but with the fact that I requested the swim suit in a size too small so it did not fit. I tried squeezing into because I refuse to give up on it! Mark my words though, I shall fit into this suit by summer 2009. The adorable polka dots, the quaint little bow on the end, and the girly flounce (also a slight coverup for us shy girls) reminds me of 1950s swimwear glamour.

It's a two piece so that's also great for any ladies who don't want to feel overly constricted by a one piece suit but not show too much skin either. I definitely recommend this specific suit style for the summer!"

Katie: "First off, I want to say, Theo totally cheated! Ordering a smaller size so she can "convienently" not have to model it. I see how it is... ;) I was really nervous about this! So as long as you all don't compare my picture to the super perfect model, I'll be fine :)

Scary swimsuit modeling factor aside, I am totally digging my Modbe swimsuit. I am a more modest person and usually when I swim, I wear a tank top and shorts over my swimsuit. Yes, I get made fun of...

The fact that this suit is modest AND incredibly cute is why I am in love with it. I can feel totally comfortable wearing this out swimming.

There are only 2 things that I wish were different for my swimsuit. The top part digs into my armpits and tends to show off some un-sitely fat. I'm getting my gym membership again soon, so I'm hoping by summer I will be nice and toned and this won't be a factor anymore.

The other thing is that the skirt bottom doesn't have built in panties, so I have to wear a regular bikini bottom with the skirt. I wish they would make a thin, low profile bottom that is already attached so you don't have to worry about it. (thin so as not to dig in and create yucky bumps)

Other than that, I love my suit! It's cute, hip, and modest and I can't wait for summer so I can show it off!"

If you want to look super cute without bearing it all, Modbe is definitely the site for you!

and feel free to check out Charmain's blog while you're at it to find out about all the clothing and swimsuits at Modbe: www.mymodbeclothing.blogspot.com


Here are some more fab products they have at Modbe, because they are more than just awesome-o swimsuits ;)

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4 Thoughts:

deepikaur said...

These swimsuits are just too cute!
Modest and fun at the same time? Perfect combo.

Thanks for the reviews!

IE Mommy said...

Beautiful suits. We take swmim classes during the summer, this would be great ;)

Thanks for the fun!
The IE Mommy

Anonymous said...

too cool - fun & hip :) thanks bunches!

Izabell said...

these are cute !!

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