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Mutsy 'Grow-Up!' Review

Mutsy 'Grow-Up!' Review

Today's review is for a Mutsy 'Grow-Up!' Booster Seat from Goore's (ARV $59.99)

When Goore's asked if I would review the Mutsy 'Grow-Up!' Booster seat, I took one look at it and happily obliged. It's such a fab, modern design with nice bright colors. It's definitely a booster seat that catches your eye.

When I received it, and I saw all the straps it has, I have to say, I was confused. There are a lot, and until you get it on a chair, it's pretty confusing. At least to me.

Once I put it on a chair and was able to sort out what each one was for, it actually wasn't as confusing as I thought it was. And every strap really is needed to make sure the booster seat is safe and secure. You have one to hook it to the bottom of the chair, one to the back, and two seperate styles for strapping your baby in.

They give you the option of completely harnessing your child in with shoulder and side straps (like a carseat), for younger babies. Or just the side straps for older kids. So you can use it from when they can first sit-up until they are 4, which is pretty fab.

Overall, I would have to say I am pretty happy with the booster seat. It's super cute, it can be used for a long time, and, most importantly, it keeps my niece Natesa safe and secure. :)

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Wondering about what other Mutsy products you might be interested in? The Mutsy strollers are absolutely fabulous! You can take the seat out and put in a bassinet, or put in a Fun Seat, or put the seat in a babysitter frame and you can have a rocker! There are tons of great, versatile ways to use a Mutsy Stroller :)

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BillyJack said...


cmwheeler said...

It does look pretty neat, and I love the bright color choices! (The straps really do look like a five-point harness.)

Katie Lyons said...

Aren't the colors absolutely fab? My fav is the aqua or apple, could be used for either a boy or a girl. :)

Judy said...

This looks great!

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