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A plea from Sharla

Hello to all of our thousands of subscribers!! (I just had to say that because it's so totally cool.)

This is Sharla here. Don't you guys just love The Giveaway and Katie? It is mind blowing how much work she does! I just get free stuff and write a few posts. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it.

Anyway, I need your help and here's the scoop. Katie found out about a contest called The Mother of All Bloggers who wins ad space on Momlogic, a feature and a laptop(which I have never had)! I went and nominated her and lamented about how much I wanted a laptop, so she encouraged me to enter as well.

I scrambled and got enough nominations and did my post and today they announced the top 10 finalists and now it's voting time.

So here's the deal....somehow, I got in the top ten for my Mom Logic post on my other blog The Mom Nerd. But unfortunately Katie didn't. And she should have!

But she was sweet enough to let me post about it here so I can try to get YOU (our wonderful subscribers) to vote for ME. Is that not the sweetest??

So what do you have to do to help out lil' ol' me? Go here:
Click in the circle next to Momnerd and then click Vote!

Easy peasy nice and cheesy.

Thanks so so so so much!!

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3 Thoughts:

Katie Lyons said...

Hope you win! :)

Theo said...

Good luck, Sharla! :)

one6ylady said...

Got a message saying the IP I'm using is not authorized to view the page???

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