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RECARO Carseat Review

RECARO Carseat Review

Today's review is for a RECARO Signo Carseat from RECARO! (ARV $289)

I of course just had to do a video review for this amazing seat! And for those of you that can't see the video or prefer to read, I still have my review written down for you :)

If you don't know about RECARO, they are an amazing company that has been in business for over 100 years! They originally started out making the bodies for cars (like the Porsche 356), and moved on to making car seats and race car seats in the 70s. In 2006 they decided to make carseats for kids and I am so glad they did! Here's the lowdown on what I thought of the RECARO Signo:

What I'm Lovin':

- The super plush, soft microfiber fabric they use for the seat. It's the ultimate in luxury, and I'm totally jealous!
- The incredible high quality of the seat. It's definitely made to last!
- The height; it sits higher than my old carseat and makes Calvin get less carsick (he can see the road now)
- The soft padding for the headrests and seatbelt covers; when Calvin falls asleep he is a lot more comfortable than he was in his old carseat.
- Easy to use, infinite adjustable headrest; it's just a knob on the side that you turn that makes it fully customizable to each child. Love this!
- It's super easy to use!
- The fact that it can be used as a rear-facing carseat for infants, and can be used until your child is 8 years old! Which saves you money. (There are certain weight/height restrictions you can see at the RECARO site)
- The cover for the back to make it look nice and streamlined; you don't have to see all the straps, etc. when you are using it as a rear-facing carseat.
- The little pocket to put the extra straps in so you don't have tons of straps hanging everywhere - It even has an area at the bottom that hold the instruction manual so you always have it with you!
- All the fab, extra safety features that RECARO thought to put in to help keep our children safe. (Like the Side Impact Protection)

What I'm Not Lovin':

-When I put a seatbelt it, in sometimes goes in the back cover instead of over it and I have to reach back over, pull the seatbelt out and redo it.
- The fact that it's not for me :(

Even though it's on the pricey side (at least to me), the fact that it's two seats in one (rear-facing and forward facing), can be used up to 8 years, is so much more comfortable and luxurious then most carseats, and all it's safety features more than make up for the price.

I am loving my RECARO Signo and I am so excited that Calvin will be able to use it for such a long time. He deserves the best, and he is definitely getting the best with his new carseat :)

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5 Thoughts:

Trisha said...

I was tired of everyone telling me to buy a Britax for my 1 year old. They didn't fit him well. So I went looking for an alternative. I bought the Recaro Como.

Katie rates this seat pretty high and I agree. The seat belt is easy to use has twisted a few times but less than others that I have dealt with. I didnt need a water noodle under the base to level when installed rear facing.

For the price you really can't beat it. Safety ratings are high --- compares up to all Britax but when I personally compare the quality of construction of Recarco is much higher.

High top slots, there are FIVE sets of harness slots at 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18".

Tons of supportive padding, at the hips, head and the harness straps. The small pads on the harness pad do a great job of giving her just enough space with the pillow but still allow him to use it comfortably. And these all come out when your child is older. The belly pad is MUCH nicer than Britax's and ACTUALLY stays where it should! And the head support is supposed to be a bit floppy. Just pull it up from behind child before you buckle them. It take a second to position. Would you want a piece of dense foam beside your head or a soft pillow?

High shell back for older kids.

The Side Impact Protection. The side wings are SOO deep! I feel like my son is actually sitting in this seat not on it. Yes, I cannot see him well in it because of them. But I am comfortable knowing he is safely secure and a properly used car seat it SAFER than leaving him alone in her crib!
The fabric is SOFT. And doesn't cause sweating as bad as some of the seats i have tried.

Some have said they have problems installing but I have had no issues so far.
It does not tether rear facing but it doesn't NEED to. The high base acts as a rebound bar to keep the seat from slinging forward.

The harness adjust wonderfully and tucks away under the velcro pocket so my son won't play with it.
I also love the color scheme better. We got the "midnight sand" so it it awesome with out being obnoxiously so and matches the vehicle's interior.

I could go on forever about how much I like this seat and I am glad I took all the reviews I read with a grain of salt because I am nothing but pleased with this seat

Katie Lyons said...

Hi Trisha,
I know what you mean! It was very hard for me to not go on and on about how great this carseat is :) I'm glad you love it as much as I do!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know a product like this was made. What great quality. Perfect for my next grandchild.


Trisha said...

Thanks, I know my review was long, but I love the seat. I knew from the state that Recaro was the way to go cause my Focus SVT came with Recaro Seat in it!


Theo said...

Great video review, Katie! Calvin seems happy about the car seat as well! :)

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