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SKOY Cloth Review

SKOY Cloth Review

Today's combined review is for SKOY Cloth!

What is a SKOY Cloth? Glad you asked:
SKOY cloths are multi-use cloths are made from cotton and wood-cellulose. They are not only 100% biodegradable but they are absorbent (absorb up to 15x their weight), clean (washer/dryer/even microwave safe), and practical. The best part of all is that they last for a long time and using one SKOY cloth is the same as using 15 paper towel rolls! (Talk about major savings for the environment and your budget!)

Theo: "When my SKOY Cloths first arrived about three weeks ago, I was a bit confused. I thought I had received some random sample (it reminded me of construction paper) and I almost tossed them out. I couldn't even tell they were cloths considering how sturdy and hard they were! However, Katie informed me these were for a review so I gave them a whirl.

At first, I admit that it proved challenging to adjust myself to using SKOY cloths instead of paper towels. For some strange reason, it seems more convenient to just rip off a sheet of paper from a roll, and then toss it out without any hassle. However, this is irresponsible, at least to me. With all the waste accumulating in our landfills, it certainly benefits everyone (even our wallets) to invest in some green solutions.

In my opinion, the SKOY Cloth is an excellent alternative to standard paper towel rolls. It wipes, it cleans, it scrubs (rather well might I add) and it absorbs messes. As you can see in my pictures, my SKOY cloths got a little wet yet still managed to clean up my water spill, whereas heavy duty pieces of paper towel barely cleaned up my spill yet reached full capacity in terms of absorbency. True, I have to wash my Skoys after each use, and yes I grumble for a good two seconds, but my cloths are still intact, even after repeated use.

Moreover, I like the overall size of the cloths; they fit my hand making cleaning easier. Apparently when I'm ready to purchase new ones they'll just break down on their own. I definitely recommend these wipes to anyone trying to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, or even to anyone hoping to save a few bucks. After all, paper rolls do cost a lot!"

Sharla: "That's so funny, Theo! I wondered what on earth they were too. And I had even seen them before. Like Theo, I use paper towels. They are just so convenient. So I was very excited to find out that there might be a way to replace them, or at very least use less.

One thing I liked about my Skoy Cloths right away was how cute they are! I know that's not exactly the most important thing but they come in four great colors with a pretty flower on each one all tied up in a bow. And call me weird, I just like that. I also like how big they are, they fit right in my hand. I was worried that they wouldn't be big enough but they were! I was also pleasantly surprised at how well they clean. Unlike paper towels they don't just wipe, they scrub.

Now I have to be honest, in most cases these will unfortunately not be able to replace paper towels for me and here's why. I rarely use paper towels for cleaning. When I clean I usually use rags or sponges. I use paper towels for wiping my kids faces, as napkins, to wipe up the plethera of spills we seem to get around here, to windex windows and mirrors, and for my preschoolers to wipe their hands on after washing. Out of all of those ways that I use paper towels I found that I could only use the Skoy cloth for one of them; sopping up spills. And for that, even when they're wet, they work great! They can absorb a lot more than my paper towels.

So while I can't say that these will replace my paper towels, I will enjoy using them to replace sponges for cleaning and to sop up the many spills! So how about you, Katie? Can they replace paper towels at your house?"

Katie: "Actually, yes! Not entirely, of course, but enough to make a difference. Like Sharla, I will always use paper towels for things like cleaning my little guy, drying off an apple, or if I'm using harsh chemicals (which I don't do very often). But for wiping my counters, oven, and appliances down, I've switched to the SKOY side ;)

Sharla and Theo have both already let you in on the absorbancy, biodegradability (is that a word? oh well..), and fab size & design of the SKOY cloth. Though I think you can use it more than once each time, Theo! At least I do, I hope I'm not wrong. Though I do just use water, I'm not one for chemicals unless I was cutting raw chicken or something. So if your using chemicals I would definitely suggest washing it each time.

I've been able to use these over and over again before the need to wash because when I rinsed them off and rung them out, they were like new again. And they dry surprisingly fast.

And it really doesn't get better than cleaning cloths that are durable, biodegradable, reusable, and just dang cute! What I'd really like to see from SKOY in the future is some kind of cute container for holding the SKOY cloth, when in use and when not in use. Then I could keep them organized.

Overall, I would say I am really digging the SKOY cloth. This is definitely a product that I am using, and will continue to use, on daily basis."

Want to try SKOY out for yourself? I don't blame you :)


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