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sprig toys review

Today's review is for the collection of Sprig Hollow toys from Sprig Toys!
Note: This is a review only, not a giveaway. This collection includes:

Dragonfly's HeliScoopter:
"Dragonfly’s HeliScoopter is the first of its kind that can scoop on up just about anything from sand to friends of the farm. When the HeliScoopter is not in action, it relaxes on our unique landing pad that also lends a helpful hand as a sand sifter."

Dunebug's Sand Truck:
"A built in bucket, shovel, and rake transform this truck to instant sand tools to keep your farm looking the best on the block."

Bee & Butterfly's Farm:
"Bee and Butterfly’s Farm provide tools to help manage the natural environment, and Honey Bee’s Garden Home sweeten the deal by including plantable seeds for budding botanists to help grow along with their imagination."

When I first got these toys, I have to admit, Calvin was taking a nap and I was extremely glad. That gave me first dibs! Lol. And I loved putting everything together, when I ...made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic with no decorative paint.was done I wanted more to put together! It was too fast and easy :) But that wasn't the only fun part, these toys are incredibly fun and imaginative, yes, even after the fun of putting them together ;)

Here are the things I'm lovin' about these toys:

-They are made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic with no decorative paint. So they are completely natural and earth friendly.
- The look that their plastic has from the wood and reclaimed plastic is so fun and earthy. It's one of my fav aspects!
- They are sturdy and good quality, made to last through rain or shine.
...bring out Calvin's imagination...I love to sit and play with him and see his mind at work.- You can mix and match as much as you like, so many of the pieces are interchangable. I like switching the faces and wings on the little characters, or turning them upside down to give the face a whole new emotion.
- Most pieces serve more than one purpose, like the red cover for the back of the yellow truck, is also a scoop for sand. And the front is a rake for sand.
- They really bring out Calvin's imagination when he's playing with them. I love to sit and play with him and see his mind at work.
- You don't have to use batteries at all! I absolutely hate batteries and try my best to only get toys that don't require batteries.

Here's a couple things I wasn't lovin' so much:

- There's a funnel that you attach to the barn with a green "spoon". But that actually came apart really easy and we weren't able to use it the way it's pictured.
- The barn is a little wobbly

Other than that, these toys are absolutely AMAZING! Calvin absolutely loves them, as do any other kids that come over to play. They are just so fun and unique, and kids love playing with them. It doesn't get better than fun, imaginative toys that are good for the environment.

To check out all Sprig Toys has to offer, along with finding out more about this fabulous company, head on over there now:

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