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automoblox review

Today's review is for a Automoblox C9-S Berlinetta! ($38)

If you haven't heard of Automoblox, you have been missing out. I have been drooling over their toy cars for a year now. So I think it's fair to say I jumped at the chance to review one of these bad boys.

Automoblox cars are the most unique and innovative toy cars I have seen. They are made to be completely interchangable with one another! Each car comes apart into 3 different sections, and you can remove their wheels, tires, top, and even the little people in the car! This enables your child to imagine, create, learn, and play all at once!

Calvin may be a little too young to enjoy all the goodies his Automoblox has to offer, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy playing with it! He is crazy about cars and this car is no exception. He absolutely loves wheeling it around making his car noises. And then taking it apart. He always, always takes the wheels off, and then gets mad when I try to put them back on :)

I also took it on over to my in-laws house to see what their youngest kids thought. Man, I opened up a major can of worms there. They all wanted to play with it. Right then. Without the others there. The whole time.

Besides the fact that they had to take turns, they were instantly in love with this car. They had so much fun taking it apart and seeing if they could find a new way to put it together. It really got them using their minds, which I thought was awesome.

One thing that also struck me was that it wasn't just Dan wanting to play with it, but Amber, Emily, and Abby as well. (and every single adult there had to have their turn too, lol). It's definitely not a toy made just for boys. Everyone is drawn to it!

If you, like me, are now coveting these beautiful cars, I suggest you head on over and get one for yourself...I mean, your kids. Want something smaller? They also have minis! So go check out Automoblox for yourself and get shopping!

Main Site (for all the info on these wonders):

Store (for all your purchasing needs!)

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